Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Evening Creek

On this crazy day of social distancing, I am finding my zen through pen and ink.  Shopping for a few staples now involves networking with family members, hitting a couple of stores south of town, and then delivering those parcels to who needed them.  We are all doing that.  Grabbing door handles and goods with a clorox wipe and wiping down the card pad and card have become the norm.  I even grab those bags with a wipe as I grab them - since yesterday we heard how long the virus can live on plastic.  So, finding a little time in nature, along this creek, is my return to sanity.  Within a few strokes I am completely absorbed in the landscape, and glad that I picked up my fountain pen loaded with the brown black ink!  So thankful for these moments of tranquility.  Painting number 2635 in 2635 days.


  1. You are so good at sketching winding water. You made this scene lovely.

  2. Your art is very good and I also admire your creating it everyday for so long. Have you seen improvements in how you see or how you use color or mark making? Not that you need improvement-I was just wondering how you view your daily project after so much time.