Monday, March 2, 2020

Elk and Bison Prairie

The Elk and Bison Prairie was a pleasant surprise upon arriving!  Beautifully nestled in the hills, a winding road led through this natural space.  Woods surrounded large prairie grass ranges, with winding creeks twisting through.  The large herd moved slowly as they grazed, walking right into the car path and across.  A couple crossed and others walked close enough to touch them.  But of course, we didn't!  They can be unpredictable, and they are not as gentle as cows!  So cool to spend a little time with them in such a beautiful space.  Painting number 2620 in 2620 days.


  1. Must have been a great experience. Beautiful painting.

    1. It was so fun to spend time with them on the prairie!! Thanks!

  2. just a few minutes ago I was talking to my friend about Buffalo. Fabulous painting.

  3. My friend Barbara referred me to you blog-Your paintings are wonderful-I love them Kathy