Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Spring Daffodils

The rain has moved out, leaving heavily overcast skies in it's wake.  I was hoping to see a little sun, so I waited until late in the afternoon to paint.  Today, I chose a white panel to paint on, which I rarely do.  I would much rather have another color down, that white is so bright in the field.  Any color to tone is better than white.  Since I don't use turp or mediums, I just block in with the mid tones. I jump to the palette knife pretty early,  pushing the lights.  So relaxing to breath in their fragrance as I work.  Can't wait for the beautiful days to follow!  Painting number 2641 in 2641 days.


  1. Ohhh Tammie this is sooooo pretty. If feels like life, or alive, or living. You get my idea. Have a great day and be safe.