Sunday, December 23, 2018

Tree Trimming Santa

We celebrated an early family Christmas with Michaela and Cooper today, since they will be with his family in the actual day this year.  As the first celebration of the season, it is bittersweet without my dad here.  I can see him sitting in his regular chair, sharing in the family fun.  The older children have left, the dinner mess is clean, and now we sit watching sappy Christmas shows. I return to my ink and watercolor for some Santa painting, exploring the mix of inks and watercolor.  I'm really enjoying the switch to my brown black blend tonight.  The ink pushes a little green and a little red as it spreads with water.  SO COOL.  All of the fun is in the process, after all!  Painting number 2158 in 2158 days. Merry Christmas Eve Eve!
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