Saturday, December 22, 2018

Santa Seated

These last few days before Christmas have me looking to Santa for inspiration.  I've not taken ink and watercolor to him before, so now it's the time!  I take my brown black ink out for a vintage feel, and start my line work.  Once I have the composition, I use a wet brush to establish a few values.  Next comes the watercolor, followed by a little more ink.  I haven't used pencil before ink in many years, but I did when I first started with ink.  Ink seemed so permanent - I was scared to jump in with no guide lines marked.  Once I just "sketched" with my ink, the pressure was off.  Sketchy lines aren't perfect lines, they have far more character.  I guess you could say I've gotten a little sketchy with the years!  Painting number 2157 in 2157 days.
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  1. So cool.
    Merry Christmas.