Monday, December 10, 2018


Tonight finds me painting this beautiful horse for a dear friend.  Something about this image had me reaching for my acrylics, which I've not used for a while.  Starting with a fresh and limited palette, I started the layering of paint.  To sketch out the composition, I thin down the paint to a watery consistency.  While wet, I can easily adjust and remove lines with a damp paper towel.  I do start with a white surface when I work in acrylics, something I never do in oils.  My time with watercolors has me saving the lights even in acrylics.  The translucency of the medium calls for it.  I find it very hard to regain bright lights once a darker layer is beneath them.  It has been a joy to paint this gorgeous horse, they have been a favorite subject since elementary school!  Painting number 2144 in 2144 days.

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