Monday, September 24, 2018

Nostalgic Barn

The Midwest is full of wonderful old barns, many of them falling to ruin.  When scouting out areas, it is a treasure indeed to find these in the most remote places!  This one's roof has seen better days, so it is time to paint it before it is no longer standing.  As today's class demo, the lines and perspective of this barn are good exercises in drawing.  Values then need to be laid down, and I choose a dark violet for this - but it could be any dark, it's just what a picked up on my brush.  Next, I place the lights, marking where the masses of grass change in the pasture.  I bring all to a finish with my limited supplies.  I need to tweak the brushes I carry in the small thumb box, there were a couple I reached for but didn't have.  My favorite tools are ever shifting slightly, as I add in new ones and weed out others. THAT is the trouble of switching back and forth between so many pochades!  Painting number 2072 in 2072 days.
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