Saturday, September 29, 2018

Main Street Parkville Inked

The charm of small towns always draws me in, and today I am taking pen and ink to Main Street in Parkville.  After much use, my favorite fountain pen is now demanding a little maintenance!  The nib is clogged and I can not coax the ink out, even with a little dip in the water.  Thank goodness I keep my trusty, much abused Pilot Varsity in my pochade.  Once again, this little backup pen saves me from hiking back to the car!  I don't know how it continues to work through the hot and cold temperatures it suffers in the trunk of my car, lying on it's side, no less.  With my water brush pen (reloaded from a fountain, no kidding!) I move the ink around to round out those values.  With my "roadmap" complete, it is now on to the paint!  Painting number 2077 in 2077 days.

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