Saturday, September 1, 2018

Grinter Sunflower Farm

I LOVE standing in the midst of a sunflower farm, with the rows trailing out and over the distant hill!  Thinking I would stand in a sliver of shade by the barn, I simply could not back away from the blooms!  They were so much more inspiring when I was close enough to touch them. I could actually feel them swaying with the wind - because it was moving me, too!  The whole event has been VERY windy, I've had to hold on to my pochade at times!  I am constantly looking at my scene, comparing the colors to what is beside them, looking for the truth in paint.  Stroke by stroke, the painting unfolds, my experience in this place coming alive on my panel. What a wonderful day to paint. Painting number 2050 in 2050 days.
oil on panel, 11x14
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