Monday, September 17, 2018

Looking Across Cleveland Lake

At 86 degrees, it felt so much cooler than the last three days of painting!  Humidity still high, at 93% when I left the house, there was a good breeze blowing across the lake.  I set up in a clearing of a wooded area, looking in all directions for my painting view.  Woods on one side, a dirt trail through the woods on another, meadow behind and lake ahead.  Today, I chose the lake with the drifts of wildflowers.  The colors have ever so slightly shifted forwards autumn in the last 4 days.  Walnut trees are showing a little yellow, the grasses are blushing with that late season ochre and pinkish and a few ivy and sumac leaves are turning to red.  Goldenrod blooms yellow across the prairie to heighten the color.  I try a new Princeton Aspen brush today, and I find it's best use on blending the water and reflections.  The edge is a little too sharp for me, and the marks too hard.  It may have it's place in architecture, though.  I finish this one quickly as I demo for a plein air class today.  So therapeutic to spend a little time painting, surrounded by nature.  Painting number 2065 in 2065 days. 
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