Friday, September 14, 2018

Chuys Mexican Food Inked

Tonight's quick paint for the Brush Creek Art Walk wad held at JC Nichol's Fountain.  The setting sun through the buildings grabbed me immediately, so I began my sketch.  Knowing I would need to work fast to get those values down before my painting, I dropped them in quickly.  I keep a Pilot Varsity fountain pen in my easel all the time, which I keep in the trunk.  No matter how that pen has been abused by heat or cold, and laying on it's side all the time, it works every time I remove the lid.  It may not be fancy, but that pen is a workhorse, one that I depend on when I forget my fancy pens!  This painting will have a new home in Canada!  Painting number 2062 in 2062 days.

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