Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Sweets for my Sweet

It is always fun to paint something special on Valentine's Day!   Keeping with today's theme, I am painting the still life before me - which just happens to be in my favorite color, and with my favorite candy, too!  I start off the block in with a brush, and switched things up between two different palette knives, one metal and the other plastic.  I would have preferred my Princeton Catalyst, but both are in two different easels in the trunk of my car, and I simply didn't want to take the time to go out and get them.   Looks like I need to buy another one!  You know how I like to get all my easels supplied and ready to go at the drop off a hat!   This painting is the 1497th in 1497 days!   Happy Valentine's Day to you all!!


  1. So creative and very pretty. Happy Valentines :D)

  2. LOL, this one is just fantastic and so expressive. Seriously, imagine getting both the painting AND the chocolates!!!