Thursday, February 9, 2017

Belfast Castle in Ink

Oh my goodness - what a gorgeous castle this is in Northern Ireland!  I am drawing her today with a fine dark sepia Pitt pen.  With such complicated architecture, I begin with light, sketchy lines until I'm sure my proportions are correct.  Sketching is like handwriting, no two artists are the same.  I let the marks emerge as I concentrate on the scene, loose and energetic in their motion.  I'm not concerned with perfect cross hatching and line structure, though I do like the line to follow the form (just like brush strokes).  I've decided to fill the pages of this journal with places from around the world, rendered in ink alone.  This sketchbook is pretty, which is why I bought it, but the paper is rather thin.  I have to be careful not to get my ink too dark, and watercolor is out of the question.  I check my stats each day on my blog, and choose a unique location that someone has visited me from on that day.  Today, I had one visitor from Ireland - and voila, a little research led me to this composition.  It is just like I've had a little vacation in my warm chair, with a hot cup of lemon ginger tea, and my sketchbook.  Drawing number 1492 in 1492 days.  Now, I'm going to do a little reading on Belfast :)

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