Thursday, February 16, 2017

Cedar Creek in February

Best.  Office.  Ever.  On this outstanding day in the 70's, I HAD to find a special placeto paint!   After taking care of some Summit Art jury business, I headed straight to this creek, to check out the February color.  The creek was down a little, so it was flush with a slab of rock that jutted out quite a ways, allowing me to stand in a place I've not been able to before.  The rock was wet, and a little messy, but SO worth the view!   With almost no foot traffic along the path, I had no interruptions at all.  I started with a quick paint sketch of the composition, and continued with the masses, choosing to paint the darks of the water first.  Then the sky, it's reflection, next the background tree line, and finally the rocks.  It was rather a haphazard massing in, without thought, letting my intuition lead the way.  The day was so pleasant, with only gentle winds down at water's edge, and the babbling of the water to serenade me.  I really considered staying for another painting, but Tiffany was headed to my house with the boys, so home I went!   This was truly a day well spent!  Painting number 1499 in 1499 days!!


  1. Inspirational work. As soon as it is warmer I am heading down to the lake.

  2. Fantastic work, Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  3. I love your work and the way you have captured the water so well.
    Happy PPF

  4. Stunning! I want to go there and enjoy the quiet. Happy PPF

  5. You continue to astound me with your amazing daily paintings! Beautiful one! And such a gorgeous are you live in.