Friday, February 10, 2017

Golden Hour at the Pond

Nearly 70 degrees in February - how could I not paint on a gorgeous day like this?  I walked down to the pond and set up at the first spot I came to.  After all, I have a lifetime to paint this pond.  While painting, a Kingfisher came to visit!   I've never seen one here!  He called loudly from three different trees before settling down to a quiet song.  Then, he dived right to the surface of the water and brought out dinner!   SO cool!  He never reacted to me.  He chased off a hawk before heading to the other pond, calling all the way!  I love being surrounded by nature and wildlife, its one of the things I love about plein air!   The windows are still open, and I hear the owls calling now.  Painting number 1493 in 1493 days.


  1. Hello! Thank you for stopping by my blog! Your daily paintings certainly are inspiring. I love the way you've described this one too, just beautiful :) x

  2. Oh that's so beautiful! I can't believe you create so many paintings of such great loveliness in such short amounts of time...