Saturday, February 18, 2017

Afternoon at the Milk Barn

We have started painting en plein air for my Saturday painting class - and I LOVE taking class to the field!  Inspiring, invigorating, and peaceful, we paint to the music of birdsong!  There is no better place to improve one's painting skills than outside, from life.  All the information one needs is right before them!   Sandy was finishing her start from last Saturday, so I stayed close, choosing a different composition than I've painted before.  The sky was clear today, and the light warm, so all the colors shifted more towards the warm.  I finally reloaded some key colors on my palette after a week of making due without.  It is so much easier to achieve the desired results with the right paints!  I love starting a Saturday with pilates, a run, and plein air!   This is the life!  Painting number 1501 in 1501 days :)

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