Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Lamplight on Jefferson

Lamplight on Jefferson
Oil on panel, 10x8

With temperatures so balmy at night, how can one resist painting a nocturne?  I can not remember it being so warm at night for this event, and with a theme paint for the nocturne - we set up our easels and got to work!  I had already painted an early morning painting, and then a sunset from the rooftop in Washington, so this made three for the day!  I start with a panel primed with dark acrylic paint, which I did on scene.  I could place my colors with intention this way, which I can’t do when I prime ahead.  I start first with a quick sketch of how I want to map out the composition.  Next, I start laying in those lights, being mindful of the values.  I work under a street light, never using other light sources.  Sometimes, I can’t tell what colors I really have, since it is dark.  So, when I get it inside - it is like Christmas!  I never know what I have until I open it up in the light!  Painting number 1211 in 1211 days.

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