Saturday, April 9, 2016

Butterfly and Coneflowers

Butterfly and Daisies
Pen and ink on paper, 5x7

Even the simple, common blue butterflies are beautiful!  So often, I am drawn to capture the brilliant and flashy among their kind, but honestly, I love them all.  This common blue butterfly is a mainstay around the ponds and puddles, rising quickly to the sky when anyone draws near.  The coneflowers are not even close to blooming, in fact, they have only pushed their first leaves up through the soil.  I love this common wildflower, and have painted it several times, but never have I rendered it in ink.  Inking certainly takes longer than a quick stroke of a wide brush, but that is the medium.  A scene completely rendered with a superfine point Pitt pen, with a dash of the brush tip here and there.  I think painting is faster, indeed!  This is the 1193rd piece in 1193 days.  It is so windy out today - I might just be blown away as I head back to the flower beds!

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