Monday, April 25, 2016

Mid-day at Montelle Winery

Mid-day at Montelle Winery
Oil on panel, 11x14

For the first time in all these years, we had a beautiful day for painting at Montelle!  In the past, I have braved through, hail, sleet, driving rain, freezing cold, gale force wind - and any combination of the above!  This year, temps were warm, winds were light, and it was a joy to paint on the sprawling deck of Montelle Winery.  This place is known for their fabulous view of the rolling hills - and I have painted it through the very tall trees.  Having painted the full scene before, the trees grabbed my attention, leaving the landscape as the backdrop.  Upon finishing, I enjoyed a wonderful glass of Seval!  Montelle Winery was so gracious to host a social afterward, they really do spoil us up here!  I think this is how life is meant to be lived every, single day.  Painting number 1209 in 1209 days.

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