Friday, April 8, 2016

Blooming Bee

Blooming Bee
Pen and ink on paper, 5x7

So much time spent in the garden has keep all things garden on my mind!  This theme of my days is slipping right into my creative wanderings, spilling out in ink on the paper before me!  I have only recently been attracted by these bees as a painting subject - and they add so much life to a simply garden scene!  I can remember the first painting I saw at the Nelson Atkins Gallery (in Kansas City) with a bee amongst the flowers!  I thought it was crazy!  Why would anyone want to put a bee into their artwork?  Well, now I know.  The addition of one little bee livens up the composition in a way no butterfly could.  This is piece number 1192 in as many days.  Now, back out to the garden I go!

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