Friday, October 16, 2015

Streetside Umbrellas

Streetside Umbrellas
Oil on masonite, 10x8
Parkville in Art Paint Out - purchase here

As I stepped out of my car, I saw these gorgeous umbrellas from two blocks away.  Walking past the little shops dotting Main Street, my focus was already on the composition, the first strokes being laid in my mind.  I had not left enough time for this complex painting (hmmmmm - seems to be a pattern here....), so I would need to work fast.  Setting up in a small square of shade, tucked unto the side of “Finders, Keepers”, I sketched out the cafe scene.  The bright, late afternoon light and the bold color of umbrellas, cafe and foliage is what drew me instantly to the spot - so I had to capture that glory before it faded into shadow!  Once all of the block in and some of the finish work were done, the light had changed - and my time was up.  Time to get to the award presentation for the English Landing, so this painting required one more visit to finish up, which is something I almost never do.  Painting number 1018 in 1018 days :)

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  1. oh, this makes me long for summer so much .... Lovely colours. Amazing how you can just see a scene like this, get out your paints and just start working. That's some talent you have!