Saturday, October 10, 2015

Peace at the Footbridge

Peace at the Footbridge
Oil on masonite, 9x12
This little footbridge is SO charming!  Our weather here has been amazing - and with sunny days, the place looks so different from last year!  I painted this last October, and the misty weather made for a moody painting.  The morning light in this one speaks of hopes and dreams and good things to come!  This little creek fills up with run-off from the adjoining lake, so there was more water pouring in than before.  I love to hear the babbling water as it moves over the rocks - and it is the perfect companion to my brushwork!  I set up in this spot again for a more distant view out, to capture the winding of the stream.  To my dismay - I realized I had left my palette in the freezer, so my plans were for naught.  It was all for the best, as I returned to get my palette, rewired three other paintings, and got all turned into the Landing. Perhaps, I'll get to that painting later, because I really think it will be dreamy!  This painting makes 1012 in 1012 days.  What a wonderful plein air adventure this has been :)

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