Monday, October 5, 2015

Michaela's Bluebird

Michaela's Bluebird
Watercolor on paper, 9x12
This is the second of the bluebird paintings that I worked up for Michaela.  Looking for a more contemporary feel, I am working under the motto of "less is more" on this one!  Working wet on wet, there is no layering.  Each area is painted in with very wet color, then extra colors are dropped in and allowed to mingle on their own.  I almost never mix my paints in watercolor, I simply drop them in and let them do their own mixing - come what may.  This 140lb cold pressed paper is holding me back, though.  I don't remember the maker, but I think it is English.  Not enough texture and not enough weight for me.  I must order some more 300lb paper!  It seems to be all I want for my watercolors now!  Getting back into this fluid media after such a time away takes a little bit to get used to.  I want to get loose, sloppy wet strokes, but I think I still need to warm up to that!  I really loosened up by the third - so I guess three really is the charm!  Painting number 1007 in 1007 days :)

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