Monday, October 19, 2015

Autumn Light on the Pathway

Autumn Light on the Pathway
Oil on masonite, 9x12
Seven Bridges Paint Out
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Seven Bridges was the painting location for today's Parkville in Art Event.  The drive up was beautiful on the way up, rolling hills old barns, and plenty of open land.  Choosing to paint sown by the two lakes, I headed first for the water.  I had every intention of painting the water, but when I saw the light cutting across the pathway, I had to paint it.  A warm, beautiful day - another in the 70's, it was perfect painting weather.  I've had SO many perfect painting days this season, and I cheerfully embrace each one as the gift it is! What could be better than capturing the beauty of the day with paint?  This painting makes 1021 in 1021 days :)

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