Saturday, October 24, 2015

Benton Bridge in Batik

Benton Bridge in Batik
Watercolor batik on thin rice paper, 6x8.5
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I did not get to paint in the Brush Creek Art Walk this year since I was in Indiana painting in another event.  This wonderful bridge is in one of the painting zones, and if it weren’t for this plein air event, I would never have known how beautiful it is.  I love the way these historic bridges were designed, the arches add so much beauty to function.  That is one of my favorite parts of plein air painting - I find so many little jewels to paint!  There is something about how I REALLY observe my surroundings when I am painting them.  I see their true beauty in a way I never would otherwise.  Plein air painting has affected the way I view the world on a daily basis, as well.  When landscapes unfold before me, I am already laying down strokes in my head - even when I’m without my paints!  I am painting this one from reference photos today, as this is only an area I'd paint in with a group of fellow artists at my side!  This painting makes 1026 in 1026 days.

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  1. Beautiful, and a lovely antic look. I wish I could memorize landscapes such as you do :)