Friday, November 7, 2014

Race Day

Race Day
Watercolor batik on rice paper, 7x5
Perry Yacht Club - purchase here
On this painting, I wondered what would happen of I left some droplets of the watercolor on top of the wax before ironing it between the brown paper.  This is what happens - more paint leaking through and spreading, as the wax is being melted into the brown paper.  Less distinct lines, creating a different, looser effect.  This could be cool on a serious portrait, or a painting that I might want to bump up the drama on.  Too much?  It might be, but my mind is already working on how to best use this technique on another painting.  Painting number 678 in as many days.


  1. What a wonderful technique you have developed, it is verging on abstract realism.
    How interesting the way the water has turned out with the pink reflections.