Monday, November 10, 2014

High Noon Sunflowers

High Noon Sunflowers
Ink, watercolor, wax on rice paper, 10x8
If you zoom in on this super thin rice paper - it has little strings embedded all through it!  Interesting to paint on, this paper was given to me by an artist friend to try.  I love experimenting with new supplies, so this was a treat!  So thin is this paper, that the pigment has a hard time absorbing - easily seen in the sky.  To create those clouds, all I did was lightly and quickly tap the wet, blue surface with a paper towel.  The flow of the paint through the cracked wax was also different than the other rice papers.  When it leaked through, it really spread - as you can see by the brown areas.  Could be a cool effect on certain paintings, like waves on an ocean, where the irregularities would improve the depth.  Hmmmm, so many ideas, so little time!  Painting number 681 in as many days.

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  1. Wow! What a wonderful idea - I LOVE your painting and the nooks and crannies created with that paper is just beautiful. Love your clouds too, it's all so beautiful and inventive! xo