Saturday, November 1, 2014

Autumn on the River Road

Autumn in the River Road
Watercolor batik on masa, 8x5
Elmore, Ohio - purchase here
As I walked out to get the mail at my parent's house, this beautiful scene lay before me.  Slipping the mail into the car and grabbing my phone, I stepped back into the street to get the photo for reference.  The golds were stunning in the backdrop of greens.  I have been wanting to work on street scenes - so this is my chance!  I am going to sketch and paint these every day while I am in Ohio - where I can get many different paintings from my parent's lawn!  I have sketched this one in india ink, painted in watercolor on masa, & brushed hot wax over the surface.  Crumbling up, this surface was more resistant to the wax coming off.  I don't know why, perhaps the wax was thinner than on my previous paintings.  As a result, the batik effect is lighter here.  The actual painting of the scene was fun!  I think I am going to like painting the street scenes!  Painting number 672 in 672 days :)


  1. Tammie, all of your paintings are breath-taking. This one is just wonderful, love the unusual batik effect and the composition and autumn colours are both superb.

  2. This is just lovely - the colours, the texture - a street I would like to walk into.