Sunday, November 23, 2014

Charlie in Graphite

Charlie in Graphite
Graphite on bristol, 9x6
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Graphite and paper are, perhaps, my first artistic love.  I remember picking out pencils from a small cardboard box on the little child's desk at my grandma's house.  It was right beside the large antique white stove in the kitchen, looking out of one of the windows.  There was always a Big Chief pad of paper inside that desk - waiting for me to create my childish masterpieces.  Grandma loved everything I drew, from little "Snoopy" cartoons to the old barn in the side yard.  When I pick up a pencil, it is as if my mind disengages, and the drawing materializes without thought.  I love the very act of drawing, it is so personal, so my very soul is pouring out onto the paper.  Reveling in my roots today, this is artwork number 694 in as many days.

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  1. I've looked at your gallery, I like all your pictures, but this is my absolute favorite.