Saturday, November 8, 2014

Autumn in Elmore

Autumn in Elmore
Watercolor batik on masa, 8x5
Elmore, Ohio - purchase here
Okay, now this is exciting!!  I have included my first car in a street scene (that I can remember)!  I know, it sounds silly, but painting cars is scary in a landscape!  I always shy away from them, and now I am making a concentrated effort to paint them in.  It is one of those areas I want to work on.  I first sketched this one out on the masa with india ink.  It is important to paint on the rough side of masa, not the slick side.  The slick side is just too resistant to the paint.  It will work, but with more effort.  This scene is at the top of Rice Street, right by the old bank, turning left at the light.  It is fun to be painting this place which has been my parent's home these last 26 years.  Painting number 679 in as many days :)

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