Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Peace at Water's Edge

Peace at Water's Edge
Oil on panel, 24x18
I am painting another large landscape today - and I am surprised at how much paint I am going through!  This was a panel I had primed a long time ago, and it's surface absorbs the paint and causes it to drag far more than the way I prime them now.  I add a bit of acrylic gloss medium to the gesso mix now, and that creates a better surface for the oils.  Since I don't use turps or mediums, this is pretty important.   I listened to Walden by Thoreau as I painted this.  It was as if I was sitting by Walden Pond as I pulled the strokes.  Painting number 547 in 547 days, now out to get some more yard work finished!

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  1. Dear Tammie, it is amazing how much and beautifully you paint and create. Beautiful work!