Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Christmas Tree in Metal

I do love the magic of a Christmas tree!  After trimming the tree, it is a treat to enjoy some time basking in the glow of it's light.  Tonight I choose metal to work up the image of this tree, first sketching and then embossing with various tools.  I'm finding my way again, learning which tools work best.  I'm looking forward to exploring all the possibilities.  Painting number 3238 in 3238 days. 

Monday, November 29, 2021

Santa Nutcracker in Metal

After an almost 3 year absence, I return to metal work tonight with this Santa Nutcracker!  I had only started finding my own way with the medium when my dad became sick, and real life intervened.  It has lately been on my mind, the feel of the metal and the burnishing tools, even images I would love to try in the medium, and so I have answered the call.  Art is like this for me, reaching out, calling, whispering, images unfolding in my mind as if I'm actually working them, and I feel restless until I get to them.  It is as if they are living things, waiting to be nurtured into life.  I borrowed a nutcracker from my son's dresser and went to work, first scratching in the composition, then pushing and pulling the metal from both sides until the image emerges.  It is so very satisfying to work the metal again - I wish I didn't need to sleep so I could work on through the night!  Artwork number 3237 in 3237 days. 

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Ornaments Five

I returned to Blogger to upload my latest post, only to find that yet again, my previous post did not upload.  So, now I'm going to try to play "catch up" when I have several recent posts still to catch up on.  If only high speed internet would arrive, one way or the other, it is nearly 2022.  Now, on to the happy stuff - painting!  I just picked these vintage ornaments up at a local antique shop, for the sole purpose of painting them!  I have many fancy blown glass ornaments for the tree, but nothing reflects like the simply round, shiny balls!  So I sketch with ink, then lay down some wet paint, dropping in more color as it dries a little. I work almost entirely wet on wet, so I must work fast!  It's another late night at the easel because I can't resist working outside when it's in the 60s in NOVEMBER!  All the bulbs are in now as well as poppy, sweet William and hollyhock seeds planted.  The more beautiful days I have, the more I get done in the garden!  Painting number 3237 in 3237 days. 

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Glass Balls

It must by Christmas time if I'm painting ornaments!  I picked up some antique glass balls at a local antique shop while attending a holiday open house, because I LOVE to paint them!  I'm painting on gallery wrapped canvas, so I'm using acrylics and a dry brush technique.  In reorganizing my supplies I found several of these canvasses, and they are perfect for this subject.  I got my tree up today, and attended Christmas on Main with my Mom and sorority sisters, and so the Christmas magic is strong tonight!  It will be a few more days before everything is decorated, and I'm so thankful for the wonderful weather!  Painting number 3236 in 3236 days. 

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Pumpkin Impressions

Oh what a busy day it has been!  Almost all the family was out for dinner, and we had so much food!  Mike was baking while I cooked the turkey with all the trimmings and several salads, too.  By dinner time, I am always too tired to eat - I'd rather sit down and catch my breath, and visit!  It's always fun to catch up with each other.  Now that family has left, the kitchen is clean (finally), it is time for the last pumpkin painting of the season.  I love celebrating every season, for it will be another 10 months before I see pumpkins to paint again.  Painting number 3234 in 3234 days. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Bountiful Batik

Tonight finds me painting the fruits of harvest, after a productive day prepping for dinner here tomorrow.  This watercolor batik of free flowing and a bit whimsical, as I sketched the pumpkins, squash and leaves as night descended.  Love working the layers of hot wax and watercolor, to reveal the beauty beneath at the end.  Painting number 3233 in 3233 days. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Pumpkins Nocturne Batik

Another gorgeous day spent working outdoors in the gardens - which means I am painting in the dark again!  I've only got a couple of days to paint pumpkins, and then it will be onward to all things Christmas.  I love the watercolor batik process, it adds so much depth to simple subjects.  I'm looking forward to exploring this technique more in the coming months - when I'm not called outside to the creeks, meadows and woods!  Painting number 3231 in 3231 days. 

Monday, November 22, 2021


I got these fabulous chrysanthemums from Suburban Lawn and Garden nearly a month ago - and they are still spectacular!  The very large flowers are bold and bright - lighting up my kitchen table!  I'm painting in miniature tonight, because once again I have worked myself into the late hours.  I had just boxed my last commission up when I sold another painting and got another commission!  I hadn't even made it to the UPS store - lol!  It's a good problem to have and I do like to keep on top of things.  So, that leaves only a little painting window, and I'm using ink and watercolor on handmade paper, and trying to capture those vivid hues.  I hope these sunny blooms last long into winter - and I can try them in oils!  Painting number 3230 in 3230 days. 

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Pumpkins Four Batik

 It's funny how techniques and paintings will run throug my mind, unfolding as I mentally paint them. Many times, I am even painting in my dreams, so real that I feel like I've already finished my daily paint when I awake.  I sketch in ink and add the first watercolor layer before reaching for the hot wax.  Long winter days are perfect for this technique, but I can squeeze them in between all of our family activities as Thanksgiving approaches. The days seem busier than ever and I'm looking forward to some down time with the family this week!  Painting number 3228 in 3228 days. 

Friday, November 19, 2021

Pumpkin Batik

I've been thinking about this medium lately, with paintings forming and rattling around in my head. I like to sketch out my subject first with archival or India ink on very thin rice paper.  The paper is so thin, one can almost see through it.  I clip it to a wax paper covered piece of foam core, then paint the first layer of watercolor.  After that layer, I go in with hot wax, essentially covering what I don't want to receive more paint.  After several layers, I wax the whole thing, cracking it all up when cool, then floating a darker wash of paint into those cracks.  When I get the desired look, I iron all that wax off between layers of brown paper, working carefully because the rice paper is fragile.  The media is unpredictable and so fun!  I can coax it where I want it to go, but it still has a mind of it's own!  Painting number 3227 in 3227 days. 

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Home for Christmas

Last year was the first time we put Christmas lights on this Alberta spruce, and our family celebrated "Outdoor Christmas" in honor of covid.  We lined the covered bar with crock pots full of food and had a campfire and a stove fire going for warmth.  With ink and watercolor I sketch out the scene, choosing a winter snow instead of autumn color.  I might just paint this scene for my Christmas cards this year!  Painting number 3226 in 3226 days. 

Wednesday, November 17, 2021


For this month's Tri-County Art League meeting, we gathered together to create original Christmas cards to exchange at our holiday dinner next month.  We made extra cards to mail to those members that do not join us regularly.  It has been several months since I have been able to attend - my plein air schedule keeps me hopping! I bought some antique ornaments today while in Greenwood with my Mom and sorority, and I intend to paint them for Chri. stmas!  Painting number 3225 in 3225 days

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Golden Pond

I forget that the sun lifts out of here earlier than on the hill - and I didn't quite leave enough time to finish in the light.  I've been pruning trees near here this afternoon, and this place was calling my name.  Ready for a break - I grabbed my oils to get in a quick paint before planting more bulbs.  I love the vibrant yellows in that last light - I wish the leaves would stay golden for a month!  Painting number 3224 in 3224 days.  I wish every November could be in the 70's!!

Monday, November 15, 2021

Daffodil Bulbs

Real life has crowded my painting time, and I've been coming to my easel late each night - as I did in the very beginning of this daily painting journey. I see things all day long that I want to paint - as I'm busy tending the gardens while the weather is so nice.  I keep thinking that I finish before dark, and then I can squeeze in a painting by the pond, or in the woods, and each day I don't!  I filled this day with running club first, shipping paintings, working beds and planting daffodils and tulips, then pulling down old string lights and replacing them with new ones. After all that, every scene I wanted to paint was in the dark, so I sketched a few of my remaining double daffodil bulbs in pen and ink. What better representation of my day?  It always feels good to return to my ink - even if it's only a tiny painting!  Painting number 3223 in 3223 days.

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Pumpkin Nocturne

I've spent the day working on commissions and wrapping paintings to ship in the morning.  Only now can I come to my easel for my daily paint, and I really wanted to get outside.  So, in the cool, crisp air I paint the body of one pumpkin with the stem of another, using my artistic license as needed. It really feels like autumn when I am painting pumpkins.  It seems that Christmas comes to soon, so I am celebrating this season by immersing myself in it, and painting the little things I enjoy.  I hope I can find the time to paint the autumn foliage before the leaves all fall. Painting number 3222 in 3222 days. 

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Glass Pumpkin

 I love blown glass, and I have collected a few of these gorgeous pumpkins through the years. Tonight, I come to my easel late, after an autumn evening spent by the bonfire with hot spiced cider and family, roasting marshmallows for s'mores, and enjoying Tuscan pumpkin soup and pumpkin crunch dessert.  An impromptu gathering, it was fun to unwind by the fire and visit.  A little ink and watercolor on a miniature handmade paper is the perfect way to end the day.  What better way to spend an autumn night?  Painting number 3221 in 3221 days. 

Friday, November 12, 2021

1665 Lake Shore Drive

Peaceful Valley Lake was a wonderful place to paint for a day during the Gasconade County Paint Out!  Nestled in a shady pocket under a low tree, I perched up the hill a little to gain this perspective on this house.  Autumn color was just rising, and it was fun to let the watercolors mingle on the wet surface of the foliage masses.  I love exploring fall with ink and watercolor!  Painting number 3220 in 3220 days. 

Thursday, November 11, 2021


As I work in my gardens to put my beds to rest for the season, I am busy bringing in my favorites to winter over indoors.  I simply cannot leave these beauties to the Jack Frost. I bought this one and another fushia geranium at Suburban Lawn and Garden in the spring, and they have flourished - despite being forgotten by my husband while I was away painting.  So, they deserve an extended season, and I'm hoping to get to paint their blooms all winter long!  After this long gardening day, all I can manage is a miniature painting, using ink and watercolor for this floral.  So nice to get a painting in - even if it's a tiny one!  Painting number 3219 in 3219 days. 

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Afternoon at Sunset Beach

Every painting has a story, and there is certainly a unique view behind this painting!  When I was first scouting the beach, I zoned in on this area, looking at the masses.  As I set up my easel, I realized there was something unidentified among the rocks, almost still, but moving slightly.  As I walked closer for a better view, there was a man, holding a plank on the beach, in a speedo, facing away from me. No wonder I had trouble identifying those round shapes among all that tan skin.  Haha!  I bet he wondered what in the world I was up to, as I painted, looking directly in his direction!  Just another plein air adventure!  Painting number 3218 in 3218 days. 

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Two Pumpkins


I love these warm November days in the 70s!!  I spent every possible minute working outdoors in my garden, replanting a few things, picking all the green tomatoes, and cleaning up beds.  I saved a few minutes for a quick sketch of these pumpkins, and the autumn color coming up in the woods is calling my name.  Perhaps it won't rain all day tomorrow!  Painting number 3217 in 3217 days. 

Monday, November 8, 2021

Autumn Path

The weekly painting venue for the Monday Morning Watercolorists was the Anita Gorman Discovery Center in Kansas City, and it was full of autumn color!  I was so happy to see the vibrant colors as I neared the city - we only have the first shades my way.  I arrived early because I had to sandwich this paint in between running club and a meeting.  What a great day for painting!  70 degrees and sunny is perfect in my book - and I would love to have this weather all winter long! I should have checked my palette to see how fresh my paint was, because some of those little paint worms were dried up!  I keep this in the freezer, and it was too hard to tell when I first pulled it out.  So, tomorrow I must freshen up that palette - or it's likely to happen again! Painting number 3216 in 3216 days. 

Sunday, November 7, 2021

Three Pumpkins

These three pumpkins were among my findings at Suburban Lawn and Garden, and tonight I am painting them!  I love studying pumpkins this time of year, and I'm using ink and watercolor on a miniature paper in atc size.  Each year I paint these, I see new color, deeper values, ever looking for my best representation of what I see before me. Painting number 3215 in 3215 days. 


I came home to pumpkins on the porch - so of course, I painted them!  This has been a family day spent outside with Nolan and Quinn, and Tiffany and Gus came by to join the fun!  We made a fort, played corn hole and took endless walks around the yard, soaking in the sun and warm November day!  With very little free time, I have painted in miniature - only 3x3 inches, using ink and watercolor.  I love painting pumpkins this time of year - and I'm looking forward to studying them all month long!  Painting number 3214 in 3214 days. 

Friday, November 5, 2021

630 2nd Ave NE

The small town of Carmel, Indiana has really grown in recent years, and many of these old houses are being replaced by "progress". Today I have taken ink and watercolor to handmade paper, to commemorate this place for a former owner.  This tiny painting will bring back childhood memories for the family as the years to by.  Love getting to paint something like this!  Painting number 3213 in 3213 days. 

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Suburban Turkey

I don't remember painting many Thanksgiving things before, but this season they have been jumping out at me!  This cute metal turkey was perched on the table, so I added a few pumpkins and started sketching!  With ink and watercolor I captured the scene, then purchased those little pumpkins for my own table!  Painting number 3212 in 3212 days 

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Black-eyed Susans

 Despite two frosts already, my black-eyed Susans continue to bloom in NOVEMBER!  Not only these, but my white rudbekia are also blooming beautifully!  To honor these survivors - I am painting them in oil.  I'm playing with a couple of new paints - Naples yellow light and deep.  I hope these blooms continue, I am never ready for them to freeze!  Painting number 3211 in 3211 days. 

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Turkey Time

Suburban Lawn and Garden had two of these amazing vintage style turkeys, one standing and one sitting, and of course I had to draw one!  I love how real they look, so pen and ink makes a wonderful medium.  I sketched the lines first with an archival ink and an extra fine nib, then I used a broad nib and Levenger's Raven Black ink. This ink moves with a little water in a brush pen, which I use to get those grays.  Can't wait to sketch more turkeys this month!  Painting number 3210 in 3210 days. 

Monday, November 1, 2021


The Monday Morning Watercolorists met at Suburban Lawn and Garden on this rainy day - so of course I am painting the pumpkins!  With so many seasonal items throughout the nursery - it was hard to focus on just a few!  With ink and watercolor I sketched these on a 3.5x2.5 cotton paper.  After adding watercolor, I added a little more ink.  I took the little guys home for my Thanksgiving decor as well!  Painting number 3209 in 3209 days.