Monday, September 30, 2019

Trixie Inked

I had a request recently for a painting which had already sold, but I did have the pre-sketch.  In fact, I had been so busy at the time, that I never posted it anywhere.  So, thinking this little darling should see the light of day, I am sharing this post.  I used a different paper here, one I had picked up at a local art store and found the ink moved a little more fluidly that on my preferred paper.  It does have a nice, heavy thickness to it, which I love. My fountain pen of the day is a TWSBI Eco in a limited edition yellow, filled with my favorite black ink.  I'm running low on that very ink and am waiting for it to come in.  I sure go through the ink!  Painting number 2463 in 2463 days.

Friday, September 27, 2019

Morning at Sister Bay

Sometimes, I paint in low coverage areas, and can only post very limited images - if anything goes through at all!  I did not realize how much of the midwest does not have good internet until I started painting in many small towns.  Door County is such a place, and I only recently realized that I could not post this painting as it was completed.  This quick paint in Sister Bay was so fun to paint - and it was the first one purchased that evening at the Peninsula School of Art.  Such a great place to paint!  Painting number 2464 in 2464 days.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Starbucks in Brookside

What a perfect day for sketching in Brookside!  The morning air was cool and crisp as I left the house, but warm enough in town that I didn't need my jacket!  After catching up with friends at our monthly Art Mob event - meeting at this Starbucks - I knew I would have to paint it!  I love the drama of these "sliver of pie" buildings, and I jumped at the chance to draw it!  With several artist friends in proximity, it was a fun morning of visiting while painting!  Every time I paint here, I wonder why I don't do it more often.  Painting number 2462 in 2462 days.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Old Pot and Pumpkins

I'm not sure if this old pot is a teapot or a coffee pot, but it belonged to my great grandmother Ethy.  With gourds collected from my garden and pumpkins front and center, this little front porch scene is my subject tonight.   The Edison lights on the porch cast a warm glow on all, and I'm sure this will look much different in the cool light of day.  Painting number 2461 in 2461 days.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

421 Main Street

Picking a spot in the shade, I had a comfortable start on this beautiful old house.  As I worked, the wind picked up from the south, blowing my hair steadily across my face.  Tucking and retucking my hair into my hat, it became apparent that I could not keep it contained. By the time I packed up, I felt like I'd done battle with the wind, and lost!  Oh why didn't I look for shelter first?  Painting number 2460 in 2460 days.

Monday, September 23, 2019

Old Metal and Pumpkins

The air was crisp when I opened the door this morning!  The grass so wet with dew, it was too early to start the garden work, so I finished a few things inside before bringing my paints out. I love this little 5x7 Thumb Box by Guerilla Painter, and I don't think I've used it since coming home from my long stay in Ohio.  It is perfect for a quick, small painting, holding everything I need inside the box.  The old metal bucket was my great- grandmother's, and the antique watering can, I picked up many years ago at a local shop. Beau drinks out of the bucket when outside, and I water my potted plants with that can.  They are the perfect backdrop for my pumpkins, and those gourds are fresh picked from my garden. I have several vines, but this vine was fading, and had to be cleared out.  Now I can enjoy them with paint!  Painting number 2459 in 2459 days.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Albonee Vineyard

My very linear roots love the perspective of receding rows of grapevines!  With all rows leading to the vanishing point, I'm drawn right into the vineyard.  Sitting on my three legged stool, I set my watercolor half pan set on the ground as I ink.  Sometimes, I stand for this, but today I want a lower vantage.  I only have time for ink and watercolor, but I long for my oils in such a scene. My water brush pen is almost empty, but I'm close to a pond, if I need to refill it.  I've used fountains, ponds, creeks and even puddles when I had to! It seems I'm always running out of water!  I do keep an extra water bottle in the trunk, just in case.  But who wants to hike back to the car?  Painting number 2458 in 2458 days.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Cannas and Periwinkles

After a morning of working in the cellar garden and under the pecan tree, I am painting in the rain from my covered front porch!  With hot hibiscus tea and the pattering rain, I start with the ink work.  I am spare with the water soluble ink today.  It can bleed far beyond its boundaries on a rainy day!  That cotton rag paper really absorbs water from the air.  So, I use India ink for the sketching, filling in the color with my watercolor confections.  It has been a long time since I sat on the porch and enjoyed the rain.  What a welcome break in the midst of a busy day!  Painting number 2457 in 2457 days.

Friday, September 20, 2019


As I spent the early afternoon hours in the garden, pruning, weeding and tending, I found this beauty turning orange!  I like to toss out seeds, and watch the volunteers emerge.  What I thought were watermelon have now taken on pumpkin shapes, complete with the transforming green into orange!  So pleased to have my own little pumpkin patch - this HAD to be my subject du jour!  With India ink, I sketched the lines loosely, filling in with watercolor and additional water soluble ink.  I found at least another seven of these beauties and can't wait to paint them in various mediums!  Painting number 2457 in 2457 days.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

View from the Vineyard

I was pleasantly surprised by the rolling hills and vista as I approached the Albonee Country Inn and Winery.  Invited to speak to the Blue Springs Art League this morning, I was already composing paintings in my head!  After discussing plein air, daily painting and favorite tools with a lovely group of women, I popped outside for a quick paint during the business portion of the meeting. Stepping in as they wrapped up, with cake and visiting we said our goodbyes, and this painting went home with Judy!  Painting number 2455 in 2455 days.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Garden Walk

I love a formal garden, especially one with a path like this, so I had to paint it as soon as I walked back there.  The lines of the historic house make a perfect backdrop for the curving path and abundant blooms. Sketching first with India ink, I then went in with watercolor, only to follow again with a different ink.  Love this media for such a scene as this.  Painting number 2454 in 2454 days.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Bazbeaux in Metal

I've just started working metal in the plein air environment, and I have yet to find my favorite tools. I keep sticking them here and there while I'm working, and then can't find the one I need when I need it!  I can see I need a brush carrier just for these small tools.  I had quite a few people stopping to watch me work - especially on something so different from oils.  It was super fun even if it took me quite a while! Painting number 2453 in 2453 days.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Neet Covered Bridge

I had to return for one more covered bridge painting in Parke County before heading back to KC, and this was my muse for the morning!  Neet Bridge was built in 1904, and is still a gorgeous covered bridge. I met the owner of this bridge at the Carmel Art Fair, and decided to paint his Neet Bridge this morning.  It took a little longer to find it than on Friday, but once ready I jumped in with both feet!  The weather was perfect, a little breeze, and my spot in the shade was very comfortable.  Such a great painting day!  Painting number 2451 in 2451 days.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Farmer's Market - Carmel

Arriving early for the Carmel Quick Paint competition, the Farmer's Market was busy with activity.  I walked to this site right away, took a quick spin around, returning here to set up my gear.  With plenty of time, I started this ink and watercolor of the Nading Farm booth, full of flowers and produce. The vibrant colors hooked me, and I worked out the details in the process.  I don't remember ever doing a full watercolor sketch before a quick paint before, but it really sped up the painting process!  I was done and framed before the hour and a half was up.  I will be doing this before each quick paint from now on.  The best part?  This painting has a new home at Nading Farm!  Painting number 2450 in 2450 days.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Carmel Farmer's Market

This may be the most beautiful farmer's market I've ever painted!!  The space is amazing and as I see this gorgeous flower stand - I know I am hooked.  Setting up a little early, I sketch this first in ink and watercolor.  Putting that one away as the start announcement ends, it was a fast hour and a half!  I didn't even get a photo on ther easel because I had to run and turn in!!  Painting number 2449 in 2449 days.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Cataract Falls

This Indiana State Park is beautiful!  I have driven by this exit of 70 hwy for years, and have only just now been able to get it painted!  Spending time in nature is such a healing balm to my soul - and what best way than to really absorb it all while painting?  Painting number 2448 in 2448 days.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Billie Creek

After losing our GPS signal and driving blind, we stumbled into Rockville and found a covered bridge map!! This beauty was the second one out of town, and you know I had to paint it!  I found a beautiful place in the shade along the water, and began my process. I sketched with paint, marked the darks, and put down those main color marks.  With birdsong and rippling water, this morning paint has been a joy!  Painting number 2448 in 2448 days.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Bridgeton Covered Bridge and Mill

I could not believe my eyes when we rounded the turn to see this amazing site!  By far the most beautiful covered bridge and mill I've ever had to joy to see, let alone paint!  Very hungry after ther long drive, my mom Teddy and I stopped at that mill for a late lunch.  Would you believe they had a gourmet cheeseburger with an artisan bun made from their own ground flour?  It was amazing and gave us the nourishment to paint!  It was hot, windy, humid day, and there were plenty of little bugs - and I enjoyed every minute of it! Painting number 2447 in 2447 days.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Family Home in Metal

Oh boy, I LOVE experimenting with art!  And this media is completely out of my box!!  After reading an email about a metal workshop offered at my local art league - Tri County, I rearranged my schedule to attend this workshop.  I am so glad I did!  Exploring the sculpting of metal is invigorating - and I started with a sketch!  Simply taking a stylus and sketching out my house, I started pushing and pulling the metal with the basic sculpting tools until I got the image I wanted. Then, with a little shoe polish and black acrylic paint rubbed into the crevasses, this is the result!  Can't wait to do it again!  Painting number 2447 in 2447 days.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Fountain in the Park

Heading through Ripley Park to paint on Main Street, I couldn't help but notice the wonderful light on the lake. Setting up for a quick paint, I marked the masses with their appropriate colors and started working from there. When I am very short of time, I don't sketch in ink or even with paint on the panel, just a quick marking of masses with an accurate color.  I then push and pull that paint until it is heading in the direction I want it to go. I really love the way the fountain water breaks the surface, causing a dynamic exchange of light and motion to capture with paint!  Painting number 2446 in 2446 days.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Walt Disney Hometown Museum

As I rounded the corner, I found myself drawn to this place. I don't remember seeing this beautiful garden before today!  I paint in Marceline each year, how could I have missed it?  I found a little spot in the shade and started drawing out my composition.  This beautiful building once busy as the town's train station, now houses the Walt Disney Hometown Museum.  Once the lines were drawn with India ink, I brushed in the watercolor, pushing and pulling the color and value.  What started as a quick sketch became more detailed, and as I completed, I no longer wanted to do it in oil.  This 2445th painting in 2445 days was awarded Honorable Mention and has a new home, too!  I love painting Marceline!

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Barn Among the Sunflowers

These yellow wildflowers are blooming like never before down at the Disney Barn.  I'm not sure if they are tickseed or blanket flowers, but wow, they steal the show!  Perhaps my favorite place in Marceline to paint, this Disney Barn is surrounded by wildflowers.  A path winds around the barn and down to the pond, and it was hard to choose what angle to paint from.  I sure wish I'd put cad yellow medium on my palette!  Painting number 2445 in 2445 days.

Friday, September 6, 2019

Wedding Arbor

After a long morning run and time spent in a very hot sauna, I am settling in for a little art therapy in the orchard.  Beneath this arbor, Michaela and Cooper exchanged their wedding vows on Sunday.  Once the kid's fort stood here, and many happy hours of play took place on this spot.  She chose it for this special day, and now I commit it to ink and watercolor.  Painting number 2444 in 2444 days.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Phillips 66, Corner of Market and Main

This nostalgic Phillips 66 station at the corner of Market and Main in Weston, Missouri, is a great place to visit.  Like stepping back in time, the whole place is so very authentic.  I had to sketch this, so I chose my favorite TWSBI fountain pen and my favorite ink, Levenger Raven black. Starting in a central location of the building, I work out from there, careful to keep all those line relationships accurate.  As I worked, I was entertained by the conversation of three elderly men on a bench near me.  Time flew and I finished before they did.  They are just another layer of this small town charm I love to capture. Painting number 2443 in 2443 days.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Sunflower ATC

This northeast garden bed is full of sunflowers, and they are nearing their peak.  These blooms last super long, even as cut flowers, and are showstoppers on the lawn.  So, after a day of unwinding with friends, I am painting these beauties in the golden hour and looking forward to fall.  Painting number 2442 in 2442 days.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019


So many beautiful memories were made by the light of lanterns like this, as they sat among cedar and old photos.  Witnessing the marriage and celebration that followed, they sit quietly now, still glowing.  What a perfect evening for a wedding.  Painting number 2441 in 2441 days.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Wedding Roses

I simply could not pass these roses by when I spotted them in the store.  The wedding was coming and I needed something special for the table. Still tight and unfurled, it was the color that hooked me, so I took them home. Each day they open a little more, their true beauty bursting forth as they grow in size and volume of petals!  I am working them tonight in ink and watercolor, but oh my oils are calling!! Painting number 2440 in 2440 days, celebrating the marriage of Michaela and Cooper.