Monday, September 23, 2019

Old Metal and Pumpkins

The air was crisp when I opened the door this morning!  The grass so wet with dew, it was too early to start the garden work, so I finished a few things inside before bringing my paints out. I love this little 5x7 Thumb Box by Guerilla Painter, and I don't think I've used it since coming home from my long stay in Ohio.  It is perfect for a quick, small painting, holding everything I need inside the box.  The old metal bucket was my great- grandmother's, and the antique watering can, I picked up many years ago at a local shop. Beau drinks out of the bucket when outside, and I water my potted plants with that can.  They are the perfect backdrop for my pumpkins, and those gourds are fresh picked from my garden. I have several vines, but this vine was fading, and had to be cleared out.  Now I can enjoy them with paint!  Painting number 2459 in 2459 days.

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