Monday, September 30, 2019

Trixie Inked

I had a request recently for a painting which had already sold, but I did have the pre-sketch.  In fact, I had been so busy at the time, that I never posted it anywhere.  So, thinking this little darling should see the light of day, I am sharing this post.  I used a different paper here, one I had picked up at a local art store and found the ink moved a little more fluidly that on my preferred paper.  It does have a nice, heavy thickness to it, which I love. My fountain pen of the day is a TWSBI Eco in a limited edition yellow, filled with my favorite black ink.  I'm running low on that very ink and am waiting for it to come in.  I sure go through the ink!  Painting number 2463 in 2463 days.

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