Sunday, September 22, 2019

Albonee Vineyard

My very linear roots love the perspective of receding rows of grapevines!  With all rows leading to the vanishing point, I'm drawn right into the vineyard.  Sitting on my three legged stool, I set my watercolor half pan set on the ground as I ink.  Sometimes, I stand for this, but today I want a lower vantage.  I only have time for ink and watercolor, but I long for my oils in such a scene. My water brush pen is almost empty, but I'm close to a pond, if I need to refill it.  I've used fountains, ponds, creeks and even puddles when I had to! It seems I'm always running out of water!  I do keep an extra water bottle in the trunk, just in case.  But who wants to hike back to the car?  Painting number 2458 in 2458 days.

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