Thursday, November 30, 2017

Nutcracker Soldier Inked

While in Branson on a sorority getaway, I found this wonderful vintage nutcracker during Market Days by the Landing.  I purchased this one and another from the same vendor, already painting them in my mind!  I think this is the first one I have drawn with fountain pen and ink - and I really like the drama of it!  It is starting to feel like Christmas when I am painting nutcrackers!  Painting number 1786 in 1786 days.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Northeast Pasture in Watercolor

Oh what a difference a new pen makes!  I've been trying to squeeze every tiny bit of ink out of my other pen. It took me forever to remember to get a new Pitt pen in my bag, so I HAD to use what should have been tossed days ago!  I use India ink when I want to continue with watercolor.  This ink stays put, unless I use it on wet paper.  Then, it spreads with a life of it's own! I have some beautiful yellows in my watercolor confections sets - the perfect ones for this autumn color!  When I'm finished, I embellish with a little more ink.  Painting number 1785 in 1785 days...... I think, I'm going to have to check that!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Caroler Nutcracker

A recent trip to Branson led me to the Christmas Shoppe - and wow, did I ever find some amazing nutcrackers!  This one is a Steinbach in the Charles Dickens townsfolk series, the Caroler.  I love that he stands by a lamppost with sheet music in his hands, long coat flapping in the breeze.  He is SO cool!  A still life is not my normal subject matter, but I do love the vibrant colors of these little guys, and it is SO satisfying to lay down those bold hues! I've added three new nutcrackers this year to an ever growing collection.  Perhaps I will make these my Christmas cards........ Painting number 1784 in 1784 days.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Peculiar Farm Supply in Watercolor

This place is reported as one of Cass County's haunted locations, with a lonely, desolate mood lingering here.  Even so, I have always loved the structure and have painted here multiple times.  Once, I was here just past sunset, and my intuition led me out before dark!  The building composition is wonderful for a painting, especially from this angle with the old water tower in the background.  These old buildings are relics of the past, once bustling centers of activity, now to live forever in the pages of my journal.  Painting number 1783 in 1783 days.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Twilight at Loose Park

Though my own garden sprawls with reckless abandon, I do love a formal garden!  It was love at first sight at Loose Park, and I return again and again to capture the different seasons.  Starting this commission in the middle of a busy plein air season, it took me three visits to get this completed.  At 24x30, it takes a little time to get the canvas covered, and I did use a gallery wrapped canvas for this size.  I thought I would finish on my second visit between events, but time ran out as another plein air event began.  The third visit was for the final touches, and it was a good thing. The gusts were so strong I had to keep one hand on the canvas just to steady it!  See how I'm at an angle taking the photo? It's because I was afraid the wind would take it!  Painting number 1782 in 1782 days.  I think I'll start on nutcrackers tomorrow!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Jackson Harbor in Watercolor

Who knew I would love keeping an art journal?  I've always been drawn to them, and have quite a collection, most with fancy covers.  Once I landed in this journal, I have become very discriminating, choosing only cotton paper for my books.  I found my notes on making paper this week, and it nudges me to try that process again.  After years of using all kinds of paper, I now know exactly what I want to create on.  Nothing short of that will do.  Perhaps I should try gouache in one before I pass them on.  I haven't picked that medium up in years!  Every day is a lesson, and this is definitely the time of year for exploration!  Painting number 1781 in 1781 days.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Forest Path Inked

A little black Friday shopping (online) and a peaceful stroll in the countryside with my Preppy fountain pen rounded out this beautiful day.  This very economical pen was easy to fill with Diamine Macassar ink.  I first took the pen apart, soaked it in soapy water, then rinsed and dried the parts.  When dry, I simply reassembled, filling the barrel before screwing it together.  It was easily done and I was writing with it in minutes.   My favorite thing about this pen?  The emerald green nib!  1780 in 1780 days.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Bullard's Market in Watercolor

This fall season has been so busy I have rarely finished the sketches I start in my journal.  Often they are the pre sketch for the painting to come, sometimes I draw them afterward while waiting for the next event. I try to lay down some color marks in case I run out of time, then I can finish them later,  which is where this one lands.  Bullards Farm Market is such a cool place - and I've become very familiar with it this year.  I've painted it twice in oils, once in ink, and now in ink and watercolor!  I had to get just one more in before I switched gears for the holiday!  Painting number 1779 in 1779 days.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Hauling the Wagon Inked

I think I may be an art supply hoarder. I've been drawing with pen and ink nearly every day for almost 2 years, and just today I find a treasure trove of inking supplies!  Included are several dip pens in multiple sizes, countless nibs in many styles, a dozen large Levenger inks, all in different colors, and a large emerald ink in a fancy bottle. I MUST have a fairy godmother!  How on earth am I to carry on with Thanksgiving as usual with all of these glittering gems calling my name?  This ink is cocoa, and takes on a beautiful cool wine shade when water is applied. It moves well enough with a little persistence.  The golden nib has tiny writing on it, but I forgot to check it before cleaning and putting it away.  The nib is very fine and scratches at my cotton paper a bit. Though it has a deep well, it does not hold the ink as well as my new nibs.  Could this just be the way antique nibs are?  I don't know, but I'm going to have fun finding out.  I may just have 70 other nibs awaiting my attention!  Painting number 1778 in 1778 days.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Brookside and 63rd Inked

Full of charm and the character of a bygone era, Brookside is a fabulous shopping AND painting destination!  The architecture begs to be rendered, and ink is my choice today.  It can be a little blinding to look at this very white paper in the bright sunlight, so I step intro the shade wherever possible for the work.  If I can't, I use the broad brim of my hat to create my own shade. I hold the paper in such a way that it is under that cover while I draw.  When I think I'm finished, I walk to actual shade to verify my values. That bright sunlight can play tricks with the eyes, and I could end up with very dark shading if I'm not careful.  Now, it's time for shopping!  Painting number 1777 in 1777 days.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Bjorklunden in Bailey's Harbor

This chapel in the woods is stunning, and so unexpected in the park. In all these years, I've never been to this location, even though I've stayed just across the road each time I've visited.  Just past this chapel as the forest clears, the beach begins and Lake Michigan steadily rolls in.  I'll be painting here again, now that I know how beautiful it is!  Painting number 1776 in 1776 days.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Tangle of Trees

With 8 new ink samples in brown from the Goulet Pen Company, I simply had to try the final 6.  I thought I would compete a drawing with each one, and then decide my favorite, but I that only lasted 2 drawings.  Hidden in the branches and trunks are the ink names where they are used.  This will help me choose my inks in the future.  They are all wonderful, some pushing more red, others to the yellow when wet.  One even pushes violet.  I think I will first load my pen with the darkest and coolest in temperature - Diamine Macassar.  It is very appropriate for what I see in the landscape right now. The Diamine Chocolate Brown in a VERY close second.  In fact, I may change my mind before I get that new pen loaded......maybe I need more fountain pens!   Painting number 1775 in 1775 days.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Rearing Horse in Fountain

The JC Nichol's fountain is one of my favorite Kansas City icons to render.  Each time, I try to approach the fountain in a different way, looking for the drama. This fountain is certainly fill of the drama!  With rearing horses, creatures underfoot and riders fully involved - there is no shortage of drama!  I am using my fancy new glass dip pen - and the inking is effortless. I dip the glass nib in halfway, and the ink flows smoothly down the glass spiral as I draw.  It holds an amazing amount of ink, and I can complete the drawing in 3 dips.  Next comes a little water, and this particular black ink does not flow as readily as the others I have tried.  This paper is also a little more resistant, so I have to work a little harder.  Totally worth the effort - this is a magical place.  Painting number 1774 in 1774 days.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Cedar Creek Inked

I ordered in 16 samples of ink from Goulet Pen Company - and this is my first sample run with Noodler's Walnut.  I LOVE the rich color as I add a little water, and the deep dark color as it lays down at full strength.  I'm using a glass dip pen with a metal nib, and I load it by dipping it in the ink to the top of the well (groove) on the nib.  I completed this drawing with only 3 dips in the ink.  It is amazing how far that ink goes!  This brown has jumped right to the top of my favorites list!  Painting number 1773 in 1773 days.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Cedar Creek in November

Any time I have a meeting in Lee's Summit, I make time to come to this creek and paint.  The water was very calm today, only the trickling of water over the rock shelf to keep me company.  With few people in the park today, no one walked by the rather remote location.  I was tucked in tight behind foliage, set up on rocks that were still wet from the rain a couple days ago.  Just standing here, letting the paint strokes fall from my brush is therapeutic.  I've not used this box in a while, so there were a few minor additions that had to be made when I arrived back home.  I sure missed my one inch soft bristle brush, and I needed fresh oil for cleaning those brushes!  With only one panel in my box, I couldn't stay for another painting.  Every day is a lesson, and today taught me to check that box before heading down the lane!  Painting number 1772 in 1772 days.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Weatherby Lake Sailing

Adding color to an ink drawing in one my favorite journals today!  I'm really getting into the watercolor this week, loving the white of the paper, and letting colors mingle as they rest on the surface.  Watercolor Confections has a brand new set out - and I think in going to HAVE to order it.  I love the ease and convenience of having a little pocket sized box of paints ever at the ready.  Painting number 1771 in 1771 days.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Starlight Theatre in Ink

Oh my!  It had been many years since I had been to Starlight Theatre - wow!  I was not prepared for it's beauty!  This is like a day spent in fairy land!  This is the first place I landed with pen and ink in hand, but it was only the beginning!  And to think I was on the fence about squeezing it into my schedule!  Painting number 1770 in 1770 days.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Historic Barn in Sister Bay

My first time to visit the historical society of Sister Bay was a wonderful experience. The outbuildings are full of character and there are paintings in every direction.  Inked on site, I am only now adding watercolor to it.  Once the color is in, I add a little more ink where needed.  I use India ink on this one, wanting a waterproof option to keep the watercolor clean.  I love these historic barns, I never grow tired of painting them.  Painting number 1769 in 1769 days.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sister Bay Barn in Watercolor

I've not used my watercolors for a while, and yesterday, I could have used them in the field.  So, today finds me filling in ink drawings with color!  Sometimes, I only have time for a sketch, which I can come back to later, if I choose.  This is one of my favorite journals, and I especially love the rough texture and how that paint glides over the surface.  The sizing is a little thick in this particular journal, so my watercolor brushes are far more effective than the brushpens.  When I use the brushpens, I need water handy to rinse out the gunk periodically.  I sketch in my line drawing with India ink, which is waterproof, and then follow with paint.  I'm using my watercolor confections for this.  They are small and can be slid in a pocket for in the spot plein air.  I almost never get out my Daniel Smith's now, strictly due to the convenience.  I'm having so much fun, I think I'll do another!  Painting number 1768 in 1768 days.
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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Liberty Memorial in Autumn

The morning was cool, and rain was expected.  I headed out to Liberty Memorial early for the Urban Sketchers Global 24 hr Sketchwalk. As part of the Kansas City chapter, our group would be posting our work on the global hashtag.  So exciting!  Parking out at the lot near the Pioneer Mother, this was the first scene I came to.  The autumn color here is still fabulous - but oh, how those leaves are falling!  With my thermal socks and layers on, I did try to sketch and paint with my gloves on.  No way.  It was just too much leather between my fingers and the brush.  So, I painted fast, left these supplies in the car when I moved it (2 hour parking), and took my ink bag up to the memorial.  By the time it was all said and done, the rain was falling lightly.  It was wonderful to see so many people turn out for the festivities.  This memorial to our veterans is truly a special place, with so much to see.  Perhaps this will become an annual tradition.  Painting number 1767 in 1767 days.
oil on panel, 10x8
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Friday, November 10, 2017

Waterfall Inked

ink on paper, 6x4
The Nature Sanctuary in Parkville is one of my favorite places to paint!  This is the lower fall leading to a winding creek that trails through the park.  Heavily wooded, it is a bit of a hike in here - but SO worth it!  This sketch is my study for the painting to come.  Rather complicated with the trees, roots, fallen sticks and leaves, I try to simplify to get the values and a sense of where I want the painting to go.  There is nothing like inking to the sound of babbling water....I could do this all day, and probably will!  Painting number 1766 in 1766 days.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Nutcracker Drummer

It's that time of year again - and nutcrackers are popping up everywhere I turn!  I've already bought three new ones - all begging to be painted!  I even had the pleasure of seeing some fabulous Steinbach ones at the Christmas Shoppe in Branson!  What's a girl to do?  Why, paint them, of course!  Painting number 1765 in 1765 days.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Thousand Oaks Inked

Drawing in the quiet of an early morning fog, I feel like the only one here.  I love to work when all is still, before the landscape wakes.  So quiet I can hear the leaves falling from the maple, I render each line as I see it.  Using my favorite fountain pen, I complete my composition before adding a wet brush to move the ink a little.  I like to get my middle values this way, instead of the cross hatching of the old days.  I still turn to the India ink once in a while, but once I tried the water - I never really went back.  Painting number 1764 in 1764 days.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Albrecht Kemper Museum Inked

What a fabulous museum to host the Missouri Valley Impressionist Society Signature Show!  With the closing of this show, I had the perfect opportunity to capture this beautiful building in ink. The whole area is steeped in history, regal architecture and sweeping lawns. This view is the main entrance to the museum, though it is the back of the building. The roses out back had been in full bloom, the frosted tops telling the story.  My lesson learned on this day?  I should have made sure my drawing was in focus while still on site!  I am so bad to take the quick shot before closing up, without checking.  I can't count the times that the location shot has been too bad to even use.  Maybe one day I'll learn to consistently check!  Painting number 1763 in 1763 days.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Autumn on Glade Trail

I love the wilderness!  The birdsong, falling leaves and the way they crunch underfoot while walking the trail, all lure me back to the forest again and again.  Painting is quick and simple when using my thumb box.  It is small enough to hold while standing, my thumb slipped until the hole underneath to keep it steady as I paint.  I keep my brushes, paper towels, and tiny safflower oil for brush cleaning under the sliding shelf, putting my Altoid tin palette on the shelf for painting.  From the humble beginnings of the Zorn palette last year, I have added bits of other shades scraped from the broken glass of another palette.  It is now a hodge podge of paint in unorganized fashion, which will one day find order as I use up each one out of place!  See, there is method in my madness after all!  Painting number 1762 in 1762 days.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Thousand Hills in Ink

Oh how I longed for another panel this morning!  If only I'd opened my thumb box before leaving the house, I would have seen the wet painting inside!  I turned to my ink for solace, sketching first the painting to come. These leaves are turning more brilliant by the hour, and simply must find their way into a painting.  Using my fountain pen, I render all lines, coming in after with my favorite Koi water brush pen. These brushes let out a smooth flow of water, allowing me to move that ink and get my middle values. I can't wait to do this in paint!  Painting number 1761 in 1761 days.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

November at Thousand Oaks

After a busy day of shopping with my girlfriends, I arrived back at the resort just in time to get a painting finished.  Who could possibly resist the saturated color of a misty day?  I LOVE my Guerilla Painter thumb box pochade!  I opened it up and found a wet painting!  Shoot!  I thought I had two panels for the weekend!  I guess I'll be using ink for the rest of this trip!  Painting number 1760 in 1760 days.

Vintage Boulevard

The old tank at the Boulevard Brewing Company is infinitely more paintable than the shiny new tank that has replaced it.  This local Kansas City icon is a favorite meeting place, and a wonderful place for wedding receptions!  The balcony is beautiful on a warm summer night.  Studying for the painting to come, this is one composition that I first rendered in ink.  I really seem to migrate to the black for my ink, and I have many wonderful, rich colors to choose from!  I have three empty fountain pens drying on the counter now..... perhaps I'll fill each with one of those rich hues.  Painting number 1759 in 1759 days.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Garden of the Stars Inked

The Garden of the Stars is a jewel in the crown of Starlight Theatre. The sweeping lines and flowing water only accentuate the masses of flowers, and are a joy to render.  First drawing this sketch to capture the composition, I will next take out my oils.  I can hardly stop drawing to even get to my paint!  So many choices, so little time!  Painting number 1758 in 1758 days.
Ink on handmade paper, 6x4

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Misty Autumn Day

I always have an easel or two, and sketch supplies in the car, just in case I stumble upon something irresistible.  The fabulous fall color stopped me in my tracks, and I just HAD to paint it!  The red and yellow, surrounded with greens, had the perfect misty, drizzly weather to show off that saturated color!  This kind of day is simply made for capturing those warm autumn hues.  With a tiny painting window, I did not lay my darks in with acrylic.  Instead, I fell into my normal groove of laying in masses of color, blending edges together once the panel is covered.  I've also started softening edges with a large fluffy bristle brush which I keep in my others pochades.  This is a relatively new step for me, and I haven't yet added one to this tiny box. I'll have to find one in a smaller scale, and chop most of the handle off!  It is only a 5x7 pochade, after all! Painting number 1757 in 1757 days.