Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Misty Autumn Day

I always have an easel or two, and sketch supplies in the car, just in case I stumble upon something irresistible.  The fabulous fall color stopped me in my tracks, and I just HAD to paint it!  The red and yellow, surrounded with greens, had the perfect misty, drizzly weather to show off that saturated color!  This kind of day is simply made for capturing those warm autumn hues.  With a tiny painting window, I did not lay my darks in with acrylic.  Instead, I fell into my normal groove of laying in masses of color, blending edges together once the panel is covered.  I've also started softening edges with a large fluffy bristle brush which I keep in my others pochades.  This is a relatively new step for me, and I haven't yet added one to this tiny box. I'll have to find one in a smaller scale, and chop most of the handle off!  It is only a 5x7 pochade, after all! Painting number 1757 in 1757 days.


  1. a wonderful autumn painting!
    the color is beautiful!
    Happy PPF and weekend,

  2. Really a nice picture
    Brilliant autumn leaves

  3. How fun you can just get out your paints whenever you come across something you like. Amazing work!

  4. Wow, this is stunning and magical, true Autumn beauty shining through, your brushstroke are so beautiful.
    Happy PPF
    Victoria #17