Saturday, March 31, 2018

Bluffs on the Lake

I love painting by the water, be it creek, river, lake or ocean.  There is a peace and tranquility to soak in with the movement and sounds of the water.  With this bluff, the gentle slapping of the waves against the rock was my serenade as ink dropped onto paper.  I ran out of ink on my favorite fountain pen as I was signing, and luckily had a pilot varsity pen to finish!  Always have a back up!  With family joining us soon for a game of spoons, I didn't have time to follow with oils.  There is never enough time to paint all that I see!  Painting number 1900 in 1900 days!

Friday, March 30, 2018

View from World Mark

Finally, the sun is out - and the view from our condo is amazing!  The sunrise woke me up and I inked and painted before the others were up.  I left my India ink pen in another bag so I'm using my favorite fountain pen for the initial sketch. I tried not to get into it too much with the water afterwards, because I didn't want the ink bleeding into the gouache.  This is the first time I've used gouache on this extra rough cotton paper - and it worked well.  I don't realize how heavy and rough this paper is until I return to it from the soft, buttery papers. I do love to try them all!  Painting number 1899 in 1899 days.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

SE Douglas Inked

I scouted a part of historic Lee's Summit that I had never painted before, and this scene called to me.  It was the furthest location from the car, so I walked all the way back, continuing to look for my "spot".  Even with the rain, and chilling temps, I had to return for this composition.  It was totally worth it.  As the clouds grew heavier, the streets grew more reflective, and the light faded from the sky, this scene took on a magic of it's own.  I'm so glad I was there to capture it, first in ink and then in oils.  Painting number 1898 in 1898 days.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Lees Summit Night Life

There were so many people out tonight for the Big Bash Main Street event - even in the rain!  All the shops stayed open late, handing out drinks and treats to all the out of town visitors.  Though it was cold and rainy, there was a marvelous energy all about this history downtown district.  A smile on every face and plenty of conversation made the time fly!  I inked two others and turned them all in by the deadline.  My daughter joined me for the fun - and turned in a beautiful watercolor looking across 3rd Street.  The icing on the cake was taking the First Place Award!!   Painting number 1897 in 1897 days!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Wooded Stream

There is so much moisture in the air today - my ink spreads a little as I draw.  This cosmic black also seems to get a little darker a little faster, with the drizzly day.  Rather cold, I make a quick pass along the trail, stopping only for a quick sketch.  I choose ink only today in my TWSBI mini, matching the dark mood of the weather, and a water brushpen to get those mid-tones.  This 100% cotton rag paper is wonderful for this ink work, the thick weight holding up well in the light rain.  I shield it as much as possible to prevent my ink lines from bleeding out in all directions!  I have learned this lesson the hard way!  Painting number 1895 in 1895 days.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Rainclouds over the Water

What a rainy, moody day for painting!  This painting is one of two I painted for demos this afternoon in "cloud painting", class.  It is helpful to start with an acrylic underpainting in the approximate color of the sky.  When this is completely dry, a dry brushing technique  in oils is used to achieve the airy cloud strokes.  The ground plane is not the focus, but is only there to bring the eye back to the sky.  Who knew those one inch bristle brushes could be so useful? Painting number 1894 in 1894 days.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Fire Station beyond the Creek

Michaela joined me for a little plein air by the creek today!  I first ink my composition, then follow with the gouache.  So far, I like the way the way the paint moves.  I'm trying it on a different paper with a firmer texture.  I think the heavier weight is a benefit.  The soft, buttery paper was a little harder to handle.  I do NOT like the white gouache!  It is too bluish in color, and works just like Chinese white, which I also don't like!  So today's valuable lesson is to save my whites with this medium!  Painting number 1892 in 1892 days.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Cleveland Inlet

Dropping lunch off for Michael gave me the perfect opportunity to swing by one of my favorite sketching spots!  Though a few raindrops crashed my show - I was still able to get three drawings finished in a mad dash!  The second got a little wet, and I'm afraid it is ruined, but the other two survive!  Pictured here is one of the smoothest fountain pens for drawing - the TWSBI mini.  This is my pen of choice for this kind of work - it has not blocked up yet with dried ink, and always lays down a perfect line.  It is currently filled with cosmic black- which I love,  but I will try another when this is empty.  So many inks, so little time!  Painting number 1891 in 1891 days.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Winding Inlets

The warm day really cooled off as those clouds rolled in.  A few sprinkles in that increasing wind gave me the nudge I needed to start packing up.  This location is rather far from the car, and I've been caught in the rain here twice now!  Rather than doing a pre sketch in ink before this painting, I did a small ATC size gouache pre-painting. It was fun!!  And I really like having the mini painting as a guide through my process.  Will I keep it up?  Who knows?  I just started with gouache yesterday - and this is definitely the honeymoon phase!  Painting number 1890 in 1890 days.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Bucket of Tulips

Art Mob day at the Mission Antique Mall found me trying a new medium!  When I arrived home from painting yesterday, this beautiful antique tin "palette" was waiting for me!  I love how something with vintage charm can be repurposed to a unique paint palette!  Right down my alley!  I bought it from a sweet little shop -  I filled mine with GOUACHE from a fancy pants set I've almost never used - and jumped right in when I arrived in site.  I painted two ATCs and this is 6x6.  I started with ink drawings, moving to gouache.  I worked pretty wet, though I know I can get more "full strength" with this medium.  I liked the way it moved today, very like watercolor.  I am going to enjoy experimenting with gouache!  Painting number 1889 in 1889 days.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Return to the Creek

In the back of my mind, this place was calling.  Images of the creek popped into my thoughts again and again, as I went about the business of my day.  It was nearly 5:00, before the opportunity presented itself - and I jumped on it!  Always ready, my gear was in my trunk, so I hiked out to my favorite spots.  Choosing one (with two others waiting in the background), I quickly started painting the masses.  I did not sketch first today - I expected family to start calling about dinner at any moment.  I worked fast, and got this done in under an hour.  Speed is my friend, as those phone calls started coming in I was packing up to head home!  Painting number 1888 in 1888 days.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Roasting Coffee

If you've never been to Messenger Coffee in Kansas City, you have got to stop in!  It is three floors of fabulous!  There is a wonderful rooftop sitting area complete with a fireplace and bird's eye view of the surrounding cityscape.  The second floor is where I found this young man roasting coffee.  The sun streaming through those windows was the perfect backdrop for roasting and baking alike. Just to the right, several bakers were busy with their treats, it made me so hungry!  The first floor is the busiest with a constant stream of people ordering coffee and baked goods, sitting at tables and visiting. A wonderful place to draw with a hot beverage in my other hand!  Painting number 1887 in 1887 days.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Clouds Over Farmland

I've been gazing at the clouds since I was very young.  I love the movement, the way their forms change in fluid fashion.  The colors are as countless as the clouds themselves, and such a challenge to capture with paint.  On this one, I begin with an acrylic under painting that loosely renders the gradating sky plane and the land plane.  When this is very dry, I use my oils with a dry brush method of applying the paint.  I am using 1 inch and 3 inch bristle brushes to softly form the clouds.  When the composition is in, and I'm happy with my shapes, I push and pull the paint, tweeking edges as necessary.  This is such an effective way to paint clouds, and a fun shift from the bold palette knife work of yesterday!  Painting number 1886 in 1886 days.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Red Tipped Roses

These unique roses literally jumped into my cart at a local shop - and it has taken me a week to finally get them painted!  Where does the time go?  My daughter was home for a long weekend - and has already headed back to college in the blink of an eye.  I began this painting by marking the yellow areas first.  Squinting, I add the red loosely.  Next, I work on that background light, following with the darks of the leaves.  From this very loose "map", I bring the edges together.   Pulling out a palette knife for all those finish strokes, I add depth and texture.  Perhaps tomorrow I'll do them in ink and watercolor- before they fade.  Painting number 1885 in 1885 days.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Lucky Shamrock

On this very busy day, it feels so good to sneak in a painting before the St. Patrick's day parade.  What could be better than painting my lucky shamrock plant for the holiday?  Longing for my oils, I love pulling that brush through the thick paint.  Although, it is getting too thick in spots.  My palette is begging for attention, as some of that paint is firming, some even forming heavy skins.  I know it's time, but there are too few hours in the day already.  Perhaps I'll make that a goal this week?  Maybe?  Or, I could just grab a fresher palette...I have 5 in the freezer in various sizes for my various boxes.  Lol!  I like to be able to grab my paint and go at a moment's notice!  Time to celebrate the day - my daughter just made me a mint Bailey's milkshake.  SO not on my clean eating line up!  Happy St. Pat's to you all!  Painting number 1884 in 1884 days.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Rugged Tree

Enjoying a spa day with the girls, I waited for the infrared sauna to be free.  Out the window, this old tree stood along the railroad tracks, as if on guard. He's seen better days, and his ragged branches create such an interesting composition, I grabbed my pen.  Right now this TWSBI Mini is my favorite fountain pen. It is SO smooth and silky to draw with. I'm using cosmic black ink and a water brushpen to move around the ink a little.  I was finished in a flash  and ready for a little pampering.  Painting number 1883 in 1883 days.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Daffodils ATC

Hooray!  My first daffodils are open and I had a few minutes to get them painted before heading out again!  I did a quick ink sketch with India ink on one of my favorite papers, them followed with a light wash of watercolor.  I do everything wet on wet, so extra color is dropped into the wet areas, allowing the mingling to occur naturally.  Sometimes, the India ink will spread slightly, but not in this dry afternoon!  Such a gorgeous day!  If only all days were this beautiful!  Painting number 1882 inn 1882 days.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Sunset Strokes

I've been teaching some different techniques for using palette knives in painting class, and this seascape is our theme du jour.  I like to under paint my whole composition thinly, then come over the top of it with thick, juicy strokes using a knife.  For large areas like the sky, I like the long, flat, rounded end knife.  I can sweep the knife across the surface like icing a cake.  I use a smaller, pie shaped knife for cutting in the rocks. SO fun to play in the paint!  Painting number 1881 in 1881 days.  

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

First Crocus ATC

Finally, a sunny day and my first crocus of the season are blooming!  Certainly, spring is around the corner!  With only a tiny painting window available in this VERY busy day, I choose to paint small - and to use my ink and watercolor!  I am quick with the pen, and the pocket sized case of watercolor pans go on in a snap with just one water brushpen.  I was having a little trouble with these water brushpens gumming up (from the sizing on these fabulous papers).  I took them apart, soaked them in clean water for an hour, swished them around, and they are good as new.  SO, in the future I will just do this periodically to keep them working. Nothing is worse than being out in the field with a pen that won't work - and no water in sight!  This sweet little sign of spring is painting number 1880 in 1880 days.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Gray Day Trees

I am spicing up this overcast morning scene with my palette knives!  Every time I use them, I find a new way to pull the knife on a flat area, or a way to slide it to make the perfect branch.  I don't do this very often in the landscape - but it is super fun.  I did lay down a thin under painting with a stiff brush, giving me a roadmap for the knife work.  I actually cut into the sky for the tree shapes, I like the pushing of the paint.  It creates rough branches, as they are in nature.  I need to work on longer, smoother strokes for the sky - perhaps that knife that looks like one made for icing cakes would be the right shape?  I'll try that on the next painting!  Love that thick paint application - it really is like icing a cake!  Painting number 1879 in 1879 days.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Miniature Roses ATC

This cold and cloudy day finds me painting inside.  The newly blooming crocus kept their little purple heads closed all day, so they are now slated for tomorrow.  My pink miniature rose is the perfect thing to brighten this day - and I choose ink and watercolor at the very last minute.  I had my oils out, but dimly changed my mind!  I am back to my favorite cotton rag paper, which I finally took the time to tear this morning.  I love the torn edges, but it takes a little time to make them ATC size.  The ink flows beautifully over the paper, as does the watercolor!  Oh, how I've missed this paper!  It seems like I'm forever preparing papers and panels, but I can't help liking what I like, and they just don't come the way I want either.  I sure hope to see the sun tomorrow - and maybe I can capture those crocus!  Painting number 1878 in 1878 days.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Wheelbarrow and Tools

The gorgeous weather lured me outside, and my mounting list of gardening chores kept me there!  There is always SO much to do at winter's end!  My first purple crocus are blooming - but I waited too long to paint them!  They had closed up their little petals before I gathered my paint tools!  Planning to paint two after working as long as I could stand it, I chose my old wheelbarrow, hoe and sharp shooter.  I spent ALL day with these guys, and serving me well, they deserve to be painted!  I used India ink for the lines and my watercolor confections for the color.  I cut up the papers I don't like into ATC size pieces, where I'm not so picky about my paper.  I'm using 140lb cold pressed, which truly, I never like.  There has not been a single one that I would use for a larger painting.  I know it's harsh, but I love the weight and texture of the thicker papers, especially the hand made ones!  They have an unpredictability that really adds to the process!  Isn't the process what it's all about?  Painting number 1877 in 1877 days.... I think!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Fun Run!

So crazy to see a gym full of children running laps at top speed around a course!  So enthusiastic, they knocked over cones and rushed around me like they might just run me down!  I was there to watch Alan and Alastair run their 36 laps - and it did not take them long!  There was a DJ and music and motivational announcements all along the way.  I sure wish we could have done this when I was young!  Sure beats track and field days.  This was like a running party - which also raised funds for the school.  Painting number 1876 in 1876 days.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Starbucks Sketched

A coffee house is a really great place to sketch people.  There are often some waiting in line, waiting for coffee, standing with their beverage, or sitting around the tables.  All of these situations are relatively still, offering a few minutes to get down those poses.  I like to get all my drawing finished before adding watercolor, but this is not always the case.  This week is the #oneweek100people2018 challenge, which means each artists renders 100 people however they wish.  Yesterday, I used pen and ink, today I'm using India ink and watercolor.  I did this challenge last year, too - and I can see the improvement in my figures.  Not only is my speed better, but their shapes are more life like.  I should probably do this challenge monthly to nail those quick pose skills!  Painting number 1875 in 1875 days.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Baked in Kansas City

This has been one of those days that I have been pulled in so many directions, I hardly know what to do next.  Here I am, at the end of my day, with many things still left to do!  Though I've been sketching people at intervals today, I realize that I haven't posted this one from the Roasterie, so here it is.  I will clump the others together tomorrow for the #urbansketcherskc page.  I like to use India ink first when I'm going to go in with watercolor.  It does not bleed with water, unless it is very fresh or dropped onto a wet surface, and THEN it spreads in a very interesting way indeed!  I really enjoyed capturing this baker at his work.  I'm sure I will return to this place again and again.  Painting number 1874 in 1874 days.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Old Hackberry Tree

The wind meant business today with those 40 mph gusts!  I waited for a lull in the winds, after the crazy snow and sun show in the sky, to get a quick painting in.  I sheltered among some trees in a lower lying spot in the pasture, and got this one painted.  It doesn't take long when I'm working small.  I know this is my "100 people week", but sometimes I just have to paint the great outdoors, one with nature for a little while.  Then, I can pick up my pen again!  Painting number 1873 in 1873 days.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Sketch Montage!

The #oneweek100people2018 challenge begins today, so this is today's work.  I am working with my varsity pilot fountain pen (because I left my bag in the car which has my fancy pens) on various watercolor papers and my sketchbook. I just started this book, and I think I'll save it for figures only.  I use a water brushpen to get my middle values, and I'm writing working loose.  The whole idea is to improve my quick draw skills on people, and what better way than drawing 100 of them in 5 days?  I've got a meeting tonight, perhaps I'll sneak in some paper and capture them in ink!  Painting number 1872 (I'm lumping them all together for the count) in 1872 days.  Join me in the fun and get out your pens!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Winter Magic

I love the unexpected beauty of inclement weather!  Be it ice storm, blizzard or the colorful skies in the proximity of tornados, I am mesmerized by them!  On our last ice day, I think I painted three paintings before stopping to eat!  With each one, my emphasis is finding the colors in such a landscape.  It's been years since we had ice, so I really have to get out there and explore it while I it lasts!  The very next day, all it takes is a little sun, and the winter wonderland melts away!  Painting number 1871 in 1871 days.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Unity Temple

I thought the buildings on the plaza would offer shelter from the wind this morning.  Silly me, they were more like wind tunnels as I captured this scene!  Sketching was totally manageable, but painting was another thing entirely.  I worked constantly with wind and hair in my face, even though I braided it today in anticipation of the gusting winds.   Brushes blew off my easel, buffeted my panel and even my arm as I applied strokes.  I was chilly in the shade, but it was far warmer when I stopped for lunch with my urban sketcher clan.  One thing about the wind, I always leave my site feeling like I've done battle, and lost!  Still a wonderful day, out there doing what I love.  REALLY makes me appreciate the posh days!  Painting number 1870 in 1870 days.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Coral Rose Impressions

This painting is my demo from painting class this week where we are studying palette knife strokes, and what we can do with them.  Roses are perfectly suited for the knife, as each petal can be pulled from edge to center.  Everyone brought a selection of knifes, and I brought about 20.  I found three that I really liked their marks for use with the roses.  One of my very favorites was only good for stems and leaves, leaving a line too sharp for a rounded petal. It is so good to just pull out the knives and practice pulling paint with each one, using a disposable plate.  No pressure to think about "painting", because it is a plate!  Only the knife, paint and the stroke, because it's ALL about the process.  Painting number 1869 in 1869 days.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Sunset in February

The sky lit up orange and red as the sun approached the horizon, and I'd been waiting all day for this sunset!  There was not a cloud in the sky, but who needs them with this kind of color?  I used an orange primed panel, which allows me to start quickly with all the darks.  Speed is everything when capturing a sunset!  Once those darks are marked, I start with the actual sky colors.  What I start with is what I stay with, there is no chasing the light.  Before the light is completely gone, I look for all those subtle color shifts in the masses.  Often times, it is the little things that make all the difference.  Painting number 1868 in 1868 days.