Tuesday, March 13, 2018

First Crocus ATC

Finally, a sunny day and my first crocus of the season are blooming!  Certainly, spring is around the corner!  With only a tiny painting window available in this VERY busy day, I choose to paint small - and to use my ink and watercolor!  I am quick with the pen, and the pocket sized case of watercolor pans go on in a snap with just one water brushpen.  I was having a little trouble with these water brushpens gumming up (from the sizing on these fabulous papers).  I took them apart, soaked them in clean water for an hour, swished them around, and they are good as new.  SO, in the future I will just do this periodically to keep them working. Nothing is worse than being out in the field with a pen that won't work - and no water in sight!  This sweet little sign of spring is painting number 1880 in 1880 days.

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