Wednesday, March 31, 2021

King Alfred Daffodils

These King Alfred daffodils were early additions to what was my grandmother's iris garden when we first bought the place.  Balancing out some really wonderful fancy ruffled daffodils on the other corners, these have spread beautifully!  This year, I started dividing them a bit, but still have so much to do!  Each time I dig a crowded clump, I bring up 100 that need to be planted around. One day I believe this whole place will burst with daffodils of all kinds!  I've even started them along the wooded trail!  Painting number 3004 in 3004 days, and that fountain pen is a TWSBI Eco with a medium nib, filled with Robert Oster's Great Southern Ocean ink! 

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Orange Cupped White Daffodils

I love painting these sweet orange cupped white daffodils right outside my door!  Part of a large mixed bag I planted in the fall, these lovelies are new to my garden!  I do wish I could find their real name - maybe I will with a little more research. Choosing ink and watercolor on a 3x3 inch cotton paper, I start the sketch with my pen.  My TWSBI Eco pictured is loaded with Levenger's Raven Black ink, and I'm moves with a little water. I use another pen for the lines I don't want to move, and it is filled with De Atramentis Archive Ink and has a fine nib.  A little watercolor brings it to life, and I am ready to start another.  I found a new variety out by an old well  - and I hope to get it painted before it fades!  Painting number 3003 in 3003 days. 

Monday, March 29, 2021

Antioch Bridge

I have fond childhood memories of this park!  Part of the sprawling lake, I am painting the bridge crossing the water.  With wind gusts greater than 50mph, this low spot near the water is pretty sheltered.  I'm using oils on masonite for this beautiful landscape, and working rather quickly.  I spent too long on my first painting of the day, leaving just 30 minutes for this one.  I checked my watch a little late and headed back over to meet with fellow artists.  So fun to gather in wonderful locations each Monday with artist friends!  There are SO MANY beautiful scenes to paint at Antioch Park!  Painting 3002 in 3002 days. 

Saturday, March 27, 2021


Today is my 3000th painting in 3000 days - how time flies! I never would have dreamed that over 8 years ago, a 30 day painting challenge would lead me here.  I've grown so much as an artist, no longer daunted by any subject I may tackle. My love for the painting process has grown strong for many mediums, switching from one to another with ease. Painting every day has enriched my life in so many ways.  A true life line during covid lockdown, I could escape it all in the rural landscape right outside my door.  A crutch to cling to, painting daily helped me through the illnesses and passing of my Dad, and still helps prop me up on the difficult days.  An outlet of joy, I have found expression in my love of the wonders found on this earth, both natural and man-made.  Who knows where it will take me next - but I am so very thankful I started the journey.  Painting number 3000 in 3000 days. 

Thursday, March 25, 2021


I seem to have a cat theme on my easel this week!  This portrait makes my third cat painting of the week, and my fourth animal portrait. My winter goal of doing more portrait work has lately been on my mind, and perhaps that is pulling me into this work.  I've been revisiting old work to see how I could bring them to my current standards, or completely paint over them in an effort to recycle all my panels.  All part of lock down and spring cleaning, it clears my mind to organize and critique my work.  The more experience I gain, the more critical I become of my own work.  I am on a road to only leave the best work in my wake.  Painting number 2999 in 2999 days. 

Wednesday, March 24, 2021


It was a winter goal of mine to spend more time focusing on portrait work in oils. I envisioned months of continued study, honing my skills on every painting.  Real life has not quite worked out that way, filling my days with so many other things, and teasing me with landscapes I couldn't resist!  On my mind, I have continued to return to portrait work, people, cats, dogs, cows(!), painting more of them than usual, which is a win.  Perhaps slipping them into my schedule ever so often is a good way to keep the learning fresh.  I do learn so much with each painting, loving the process of it all!  Painting number 2998 in 2998 days. 

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Home Through the Daffodils

The beauty of these daffodils called me back to their side to paint again today!  This time, I am taking a wider view, including the side of our farmhouse.  This used to be the "barn lot", and I am right under the windmill painting in the large bed I planted many years ago.  Vinca bloom all around me, with the Ice Castles daffodils spreading out before me.  I was having such a lovely time painting, I didn't realize I was losing the light. I'm not sure if I'm really finished - I'll have to check tomorrow in the daylight!  Painting number 2997 in 2997 days. 

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Nightfall Daffodils

This has been one of those days where I've been too busy to come to my easel until nightfall.  I can always paint by the edison lights on the front porch, which illuminate the front flower beds.  These beautiful daffodils have opened up with the sunshine, and the night air is warm, making this such a delightful time to paint!  With brush and palette knife I find their forms, enjoying the process as the new frogs serenade me.  I LOVE frog song in the evening - a welcome sign of spring!  Painting number 2996 in 2996 days. 

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Maramec Spring

I love taking pen, ink and watercolor to this special place! This place is simply stunning, and I love squeezing in a little paint time whenever I am close. Although oils are my preference here, with limited time, ink and watercolor are a quick way to capture the place.  I sketch first in ink, fill with watercolor, then  come back in with a little more ink for those places I want a sharper line.  These painting moments spent outdoors, surrounded by nature are truly a gift, one I treasure every single day.  Painting number 2995 in 2995 days.

Thursday, March 18, 2021


This beautiful boy was one a little kitten running around here, trying to avoid our new puppy at the time.  My oldest daughter scooped him up to live like a king at her house, where he reigns supreme!  Today I am getting in a small oil painting as he looks out the kitchen window, to all the feathered friends he'd like to meet!  I included my colorful palette and three workhorse brushes - Grey Matters and Princeton Catalysts.  I literally use these every day for months, and they still look great. I love a sturdy brush for my oils!  Not pictured - the knife I used for those heavy marks. Painting number 2993 in 2993 days. 

Wednesday, March 17, 2021


Hooray!  More gorgeous daffodils have opened and bloomed today!  Their heads are still a little droopy, but I'm hoping this will save them from the heavy rain and even snow expected tonight!  Catching a dry moment in the garden, I completed a quick paint in ink and watercolor.  I've been so very busy deep cleaning and organizing the house - it was like a brief vacation outdoors, with temps dropping and cold winds kicking up, just to sketch the beauty and breath a little fresh air!  I really hope we do get snow tonight - I would love another chance at painting snow!  Painting number 2992 in 2992 days. 

Monday, March 15, 2021

Hereford Face

I just love painting these beauties in the pasture!  There is something very soothing about painting out in the countryside, breathing in the fresh air, and listening to birdsong. The very overcast morning cleared long enough for me to paint, with raindrops starting as I headed back to the house.  Within about an hour a hailstorm rolled in, and a couple of tornado warnings rattled off as I watched the skies.  Now the sky is gorgeous, calling me out again to paint!  Painting number 2990 in 2990 days. 

Sunday, March 14, 2021


Yay!  My first daffodil has bloomed and many, many more are on the way!  I started lifting them in the fall to thin out and share all over the garden - as many had grown very crowded through the years!  Earlier this month I noticed I missed some of the groupings, so I lifted them, divided, and replanted the same day - hoping they will not notice the interruption!  Always the first signs of spring - I love to see their nodding yellow heads atop their graceful stems!  My spring floral painting journey is just beginning!  Painting number 2989 in 2989 days. 

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Trees Inked

I love studying the nature of trees in pen and ink!  With just a little time left before sunset, I jumped right in with a quick sketch of this stand of trees. Using one of my TWSBI Ecos with medium nib, I sketch what is before me, only glancing at the paper.  Using sketchy little marks, I get the place captured, then coming in with a little water in a brush pen.  I think the ink in this pen is almost entirely Levenger's Raven Black.  Pretty sure I didn't rinse out the barrel before reloading ink in the field.  Love the velvety richness of that ink!  I'm on my third large bottle of this ink, and I've not run out of any other inks.  That's I pretty good indication of how much I use this ink!  Painting number 2988 in 2988 days.  I'd like to spend more time on sketching trees before their leaves return.  I really like the forms of trunks and branches and feel like I need more practice! 

Friday, March 12, 2021


What a fun day to meet artist friends at a local nursery for a little paint time!  This gorgeous bromiliad reminds me of one my mother had while I was growing up, so of course I had to paint it!  I am using a TWSBI Eco today loaded with Robert Oster's Great Southern Ocean  - a wonderful dark ink which turns into that warm turquoise with the addition of water.  I also have another with a fine nib loaded with a black water resistant ink for this tiny sketchy lines.  It always feels like spring when sketching inside a greenhouse!  Painting number 2987 in 2987 days. 

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Two Deer


 I had a couple of visitors this morning just before sunrise - two inquisitive deer!  Very close to the house, they walked around the west side to the north. The younger one was looking right at me - but I kept very still until he averted his eyes!  I hadn't let our dog out, so they had all the time in the world to wander around eating acorns.  They seldom get this close and it was such a cool way to start the day! Painting number 2986 in 2986 days. 

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Falls of Maramec Springs

The early morning light was dreamy at the edge of the springs. Wanting to study the movement of the water more closely, I zoomed in on my focus for this painting. Choosing a longer, thinner format allowed me to really focus on the water, the values and colors as they shifted.  I started with the dark masses first needing a "roadmap" for my developing composition.  After all, it is all rocks and water practically!  Next, I worked on the warm hues and highlight notes, squinting to see how my painting would read. As I filled in the midtones, I smudged and blended where needed.  So often I paint all hard edges with rocks!  I always have to go in and soften, giving the eyes a place to rest and to lead to the focus.  I'll look at this one with fresh eyes tomorrow, but for now I like how it captures the place. 

Tuesday, March 9, 2021


Super fun to sketch the bromiliad table at the Family Tree Nursery!  These gorgeous blooms in my favorite color begged to be painted.  So, in the 20 minutes I had left, I sketched them loosely and started adding color.  I am using Robert Oster's Great Southern Ocean in my fountain pen today for those fabulous sky blue shades.  I just love an ink that looks very dark, but shows real color with the addition of water!  This miniature painting is only 2.5x3.5 inches in size!  Painting number 2985 in 2985 days. 

Monday, March 8, 2021

Anthurium Table


It was a fun day to sketch the anthurium table at the Family Tree Nursery with the Monday Morning Watercolorists!  Nothing gets me inspired about spring like strolling down the isles, gazing at all the floral beauty!  Sitting back in the greenhouse near the coffee shop, the sunshine spread over the blooms like a blanket.  I set up my camp stool course the the table and started my ink sketch.  I added in watercolor, coming in just a few more touches if ink.  After getting to know these beauties one on one, I had to bring an orange red one home! I picked one up here last year, and it bloomed almost the whole year - only 2 or 3 weeks did it not have a bloom.  Now that is a winner in my book!  Painting number 2984 in 2984 days. 

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Frozen Pond

Seems like I forgot to post this one from our recent deep freeze, so I am taking care of that now.  Hard to believe I was painting in this when today was in the 70s!  As I approached the scene, a few things came to mind for my composition. For example,  I used my artistic license to melt that ice a little.  The flat, rather non reflective surface was just not what I wanted, so I painted a more engaging surface to the ice!  That pinkish early light soon faded to cloudy, so I kept the original glow, and reflected that on the melting surface.  Sometimes, I paint more what I feel than what's before me.  Painting number 2983 in 2983 days. 

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Maramec Waterfall

I am painting another little slice of heaven today!  Maramec Springs is absolutely one of my favorite places to paint, and today finds me on the hatchery side of the falls.  I stood just barely off the trail to get this view of rocks and rushing water.  I love to really study my subject with close observation as I near the finish.  Stepping back for a distant view is critical to deciding what to keep and what needs softening.  I had to pay attention to that stepping back today - or I would have been swimming with the fishes!  Baby trout, that is!  Painting number 2981 in 2981 days. 

Friday, March 5, 2021

Winding Spring

Oh how the light changed that water today! As I blocked in this painting, the dark blue green shades were so prominent in the water.  The clouds thinned ever so slightly and washed out the light on the scene!  Resisting the urge to chase the light, I now am not sure of my next step.  It was time to pack up and head to Gallery Zeke, so I am letting this painting rest, to look with fresh eyes tomorrow.  Painting number 2980 in 2980 days. 

Thursday, March 4, 2021

First Signs of Spring at Maramec

 Painting at one of my favorite places, I have to make this post fast.  I've not had a cell connection until just now, so I'm posting as fast as I can!  It was sheer joy to paint today in the warm weather and gentle breezes!  How could I be so lucky?  I'm only down here because I needed to deliver a tire to my son at college - one that was not available anywhere closer than Liberty, up by us!  Since I'm in the area, you know I must paint!  I talked to stop many wonderful visitors as I worked - I just love the artist life!  Painting number 2979 in 2979 days. 

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

January Creek


I forgot to post this tiny painting - I must have been in a hurry to get out of the cold!  I found it while reorganizing my car, so I thought I'd better post it. Every once in a while, paintings slip through the cracks and I don't have a record of them.  A friend just bought one of my paintings in a shop and I have no pic on site or post on my blog, only the oil painting that I painted using that ink sketch for reference.  These watercolor half pans are from Prima, their Essence collection of Watercolor Confections.  Great colors for winter landscapes, and perfect for the artist on the go.  The fabulous new fountain pen is a TWSBI Diamond AL R in limited edition Emerald Green - just in time for St.  Patrick's day!  Painting number 2977 in 2977 days. 

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Downtown Parkville

It was so fun painting in Parkville again!  Main Street is full of vintage charm - and trains are a frequent visitor on these rails!  I like to draw wide angle views of vintage towns, capturing as many buildings as I can within the paper borders.  I decided to paint from the other side of the tracks this time - since one always hears a train while here.  I painted from a spot nearby on my very first painting in Parkville years ago - and I was VERY surprised by so many trains!  Haha!  I should have had earplugs that day!  See this painting in person at the Cathy Kline Art Gallery in the old depot.  Painting number 2976 in 2976 days. 

Monday, March 1, 2021

La Bottega

What fun to paint inside of this vintage market today in Parkville!  Meeting up with the Monday Morning Watercolorists, La Bottega was our destination du jour!  With Mom in tow, I did a quick walk through to scout the market (picking up treasures along the way).  After depositing said treasures at front desk, I chose this lovely spot to paint.  I might have gotten a little busy with the details, and probably should have left a little more white, but it was fun to paint within visiting distance of friends.  Even with masks on, it was nice to catch up.  I miss all the events that used to take place on a regular basis, and I'm so thankful for this little group of rebels!  Painting number 2975 in 2975 days.