Saturday, March 13, 2021

Trees Inked

I love studying the nature of trees in pen and ink!  With just a little time left before sunset, I jumped right in with a quick sketch of this stand of trees. Using one of my TWSBI Ecos with medium nib, I sketch what is before me, only glancing at the paper.  Using sketchy little marks, I get the place captured, then coming in with a little water in a brush pen.  I think the ink in this pen is almost entirely Levenger's Raven Black.  Pretty sure I didn't rinse out the barrel before reloading ink in the field.  Love the velvety richness of that ink!  I'm on my third large bottle of this ink, and I've not run out of any other inks.  That's I pretty good indication of how much I use this ink!  Painting number 2988 in 2988 days.  I'd like to spend more time on sketching trees before their leaves return.  I really like the forms of trunks and branches and feel like I need more practice! 

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