Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Falls of Maramec Springs

The early morning light was dreamy at the edge of the springs. Wanting to study the movement of the water more closely, I zoomed in on my focus for this painting. Choosing a longer, thinner format allowed me to really focus on the water, the values and colors as they shifted.  I started with the dark masses first needing a "roadmap" for my developing composition.  After all, it is all rocks and water practically!  Next, I worked on the warm hues and highlight notes, squinting to see how my painting would read. As I filled in the midtones, I smudged and blended where needed.  So often I paint all hard edges with rocks!  I always have to go in and soften, giving the eyes a place to rest and to lead to the focus.  I'll look at this one with fresh eyes tomorrow, but for now I like how it captures the place. 

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