Monday, March 8, 2021

Anthurium Table


It was a fun day to sketch the anthurium table at the Family Tree Nursery with the Monday Morning Watercolorists!  Nothing gets me inspired about spring like strolling down the isles, gazing at all the floral beauty!  Sitting back in the greenhouse near the coffee shop, the sunshine spread over the blooms like a blanket.  I set up my camp stool course the the table and started my ink sketch.  I added in watercolor, coming in just a few more touches if ink.  After getting to know these beauties one on one, I had to bring an orange red one home! I picked one up here last year, and it bloomed almost the whole year - only 2 or 3 weeks did it not have a bloom.  Now that is a winner in my book!  Painting number 2984 in 2984 days. 

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