Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Sunset in the Snow

I LOVE a gorgeous January sunset for a quick paint in the pasture!  The sunsets are bold and colorful this time of year, at least on the clear days.  After a fun afternoon of playing with Quinn and Layne, I had just enough time to get a painting in before the light was gone for the day.  The weather had been balmy the last two days - in the 50s. I need to make more time to spend outside tomorrow, to take full advantage of this spring like weather!  Painting number 4038 in 4038 days. 

Monday, January 29, 2024

Hereford Pair

 I love looking out to the western pasture for painting inspiration.  These neighbors are fun to sketch, and I relish the opportunity to explore their forms in ink and watercolor.  The snow has melted now and the neutral tones of winter full the landscape.  So, I turn to the cattle for study.  Perhaps I'll get several painted before the next beautiful scene grabs me.  Painting number 4037 in 4037 days. 

Friday, January 26, 2024

Cattle in Pasture Snow

I am turning my eyes to the western hill today and working on my cattle skills.  The snow is melting on this gray day, and the landscape is alive with atmosphere.  I paint the mood of the day with brush and palette knife, using oils.  I'm using a different violet on my palette, to see how it works in the winter landscape.  With a touch of mixed gray, the violet fades into a lovely shadow hue.  I think I just might keep this one on the palette until I go to Florida  - where it won't do at all!  Painting number 4034 in 4034 days. 

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Red Roof Barn in Winter

These amazing Midwest barns grow older every day, and I can see their decline each time I revisit one from year to year. I feel like I need to capture them with paint while they still stand, because one day they may not.  Painting number 4033 in 4033 days. 

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Jacaronda Snow

What fun to explore this Jacaranda ink from the Inkvent Calendar!  It's a wonderful ink to use on the winter landscape - especially a snow-covered one!  Many of our cedars have grown so tall, they make majestic subjects when laden with heavy snow.  I can remember the days when I had to hunt for baby cedars back in the woods, and they were scarce.  One by one I brought them to the main part of the property, where a few have multiplied to more, and they grow more stately every year.  I didn't know back then how much I would love painting them one day.  Painting number 4032 in 4032 days.

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Snow at Winding Creek

 I love the drama of dark January water in the snowy landscape. Only during this time of year are the creeks black against the ice and snow. The light warmed slightly as I painted, twilight approaching. What a blessing this snow has been, one that keeps giving me drama to paint like this each day. I am going to miss this snow when it is gone, to return the the browns it leaves in it's place. It has been a day of solace and rest, and restoration when surrounded by this  Painting number 4031 in 4031 days. 

Monday, January 22, 2024

Buck's Fizz Sunset

This flashy orange ink is my favorite above all other orange inks.  Not only is it vibrant and rich, it shimmers with gold!  Buck's Fizz is from the Diamine Inkvent Calendar 2023, and is a keeper!  I've done my line work with a new glass dip pen in the same color, because, of course, I need to match my pens to my inks! I love this ink adventure each December, even if I am a bit slow wrapping it all up this year!  Painting number 4030 in 4030 days. 

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Snow at the Creek

I'm so lucky to have a snow that continues to offer such beauty to paint!  In fact, I don't remember ever having a stretch of snow covered landscape this long during my 11 years of daily painting to paint. So, I paint fast and furious each day, trying to get in a many snow paintings as possible.  It may well be years before I get this opportunity again here in Missouri.  Painting number 4029 in 4029 days. 

Saturday, January 20, 2024

Winter Creek

Yay! I found snow to paint in a wooded creek bed here in Branson behind our place - and it's 10 degrees warmer than KC!  Seriously - it feels like a heat wave in the sun, sheltered from wind.  LOVE painting the rolling hills of Branson!  Painting number 4028 in 4028 days.   ❤️🎨❄️

Friday, January 19, 2024

Blizzard Bales

Another very cold day with pen and ink  - Blizzard from the Diamine Inkvent Calendar!  I love sketching tsnow on the hay bales!  Before I used this ink, I had the notion it would be cooler and airier, with an icy quality.  What I found is a warmer shade that is almost winter storm like.  There is a shimmer to it, but not heavy. Perhaps the shimmer sunk to the bottom of the bottle, and I could have dipped my pen in deeper.  I found two inks I didn't post they've the month - and both were hay bales!  Painting number 4027 in 4027 days. 

Thursday, January 18, 2024

Herefords in the Snow


I love when these guys come model for me - even when they don't stick around!  Their warm hues are accentuated by those cool blues in the snow. The sky was just beginning to warm up - so I pushed that warmth to further set off the snow. It was warmer today than it has been for days - and with the hedgerow windbreak, I was toasty. Another Arctic blast comes tonight with a little more snow.  I hope to get a few more snow paintings finished before the rain comes next week!  Painting number 4026 in 4026 days.  

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Ice Melt at the Creek

The sun is helping to melt a little strip down the middle of the creek this afternoon.  It's 9 degrees and sunny, and it feels like a heat wave compared to the recent days.  As much as I love painting those dark, snowy days, I welcome the bright light and shadow on the snow this sunny day!  We may get a little more snow Thursday, but I bet it won't be as glorious as this one!  Painting number 4025 in 4025 days. 

Monday, January 15, 2024

Snowbank Creek

We are so fortunate to have a gorgeous snow that is lasting for days!  This rarely happens in Missouri, the sun comes out and melts the beauty away before I can paint it more than a couple times. So, I am getting out there as much as possible, savoring each gorgeous snow scene I find!  We still have a couple of cold days ahead - so hopefully I'll get a few more done before I'm faced with the browns of winter once more! Painting number 4024 in 4024 days. 

Sunday, January 14, 2024

MB Cedar

I'm using a new glass dip pen with this bright green ink - Merry and Bright from the Diamine Inkvent Calendar.  I was so busy with paintings and commissions during December that I still have untried inks!  I think there is only one left, and then I will post them all together as a collection.  This green is bold indeed, but it is hardly of use in the landscape.  I do think it will be wonderful for painting Christmas ornaments next year - and I must remember to pull it out!  Painting number 4023 in 4023 days. 

Saturday, January 13, 2024

Stream in Winter

We briefly had a warm blue sky before the clouds filled in again. With oil I sketched my scene, filling in the masses quickly.  Painting fast is very important when the temperature is dangerously low.  I wear self heating socks, gloves, Canadian running pants, smart wool base layers, a warm scarf that wraps around my face, warm boots, and a long coat that is warm to -7 degrees.  I also stand on a very thick yoga mat that insulates my feet from the snow and ice. I carry hand and toe warmers, but I haven't needed them with all my layers.  When my fingertips start to get cold, I know it's time to wrap up my painting and give it that final push to finish.  Sometimes I leave the outer edge thinly covered, so I can make a mad dash for warmth at the end!  Painting number 4023 in 4023 days. 

Home Through the Snow

It has been so long since we've had a heavy snow like this!  This winter wonderland won't last long here in Missouri, so I must paint as much as I can to take advantage of it!  I got out early before the wind brought in three colder temps. We're going down to record lows tomorrow, with windchills in the -30s! So tomorrow will probably find me painting from shelter! I do love exploring the beauty of snow in paint! Painting number 4022 in 4022 days. 

Thursday, January 11, 2024

BH Sunset

What a lovely ink to use at sunset! This one from Diamine's Inkvent Calendar is called Bah Humbug - lol! It would have been a perfect color for inking a Santa, but it's a bit late for that.  It is rich and deep with green in the heaviest areas.  If i were to apply it thicker, it would up the deep dark green.  I am trying out a new glass pen, as well, which is so like another that I have, I am going to give it to my son. A few of my kids like pens and inks, so I share any that are nearly duplicates.  This last batch of glass dip pens include 3 that GLOW IN THE DARK!  This characteristic was not even mentioned when I bought them!  Imagine my surprise when the lights went out and they were glowing! What a special treat!  Painting number 4021 in 4021 days. 

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Warm Light on Winter Creek

Oh. how I love a gorgeous snow along a creek!  Warm light cast on the background trees and water as the clouds lifted. No wind and temps in the mid 30s made for a lovely plein air day.  The birds were singing as I worked, and the time spent in nature soothes my soul.  I'm so lucky to spend this time outdoors with my paint. Painting number 4020 in 4020 days. 

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Snow at the Milk Barn

Oh what a beautiful blanket of snow we have!  Ten inches already, and it's still snowing! The wind started kicking up a bit, and I found myself holding onto my painting. I should have a weight in my easel, but I didn't grab one before hiking out here. I'll remember tomorrow, though, because the winds should be gusting more than 45 miles an hour!  I might just paint from inside the barn if it's too bad!  I'm loving this winter wonderland - and all I want to do is paint!  That housework can surely wait - but the snow will not!  Painting number 4019 in 4019 days. 

Monday, January 8, 2024

Snow on the Hay Bales

What should have been rain turned early to snow - much to my delight!  As I took care of daily chores, I kept an eye out for snow accumulation, checking the light and chroma for optimum painting time. Waiting as long as I thought I could to get the job done before dark - I almost waited too long!  I will need to add a better photo tomorrow in daylight, because the colors are not true in this pic.  It has been SO appropriate that the weather is mirroring my soul.  I've been blue since we moved our youngest to his own place in Saturday, and the skies have been crying since.  He's so excited to take this step, and of course we are beyond proud of him, but this Mama's heart just wants it's babies near, no matter how old they are.  Almost blizzard conditions expected tomorrow, and then an Arctic Blast, so I hope to paint dark, snowy scenes all week to match the very heart of me.  Painting number 4018 in 4018 days. 

Sunday, January 7, 2024


 I love getting to paint special requests for others - especially when it is for one of my best friends from high school!  Commissioned by her husband, this portrait is of her horse, Libby, an equine therapy horse. This one was a bit of a challenge, as the reference photo had a lot going on in it.  I simplified the masses to bring the focus back to Libby, and painted this one in acrylic.  I've been doing acrylic paintings lately, stretching my boundaries again.  I use it full strength now with no water, almost in a dry brush technique way, and am enjoying that process. The best part is the quick dry time - allowing me to add layers the same day.  I hope this this painting will be a treasure for all the years to come. 

Saturday, January 6, 2024

Rainbow's End

 I love growing blooming plants indoors - especially during the winter months.  These beauties are related to African violets and are steady bloomers for me.  I am painting them with Rainbow's End ink, one of the Diamine Inkvent Calendar selections. It washes to a lovely pink as well as reaching deep dark violet in heavy areas. I'm happy for the distraction after a day of helping our youngest move to his own place.  Bittersweet day, indeed. Painting number 4016 in 4016 days. 

Friday, January 5, 2024

Cedar in the Snow

What a treat to get accumulating snow earlier than expected!  After shipping a painting and picking up work at Powell Gardens, I still had daylight to get this painted before dinner!  With such a beautiful snowfall, it was hard to come inside - I just wanted to paint more paintings!  Tomorrow will be a sad a busy day - our youngest is moving out.  Though I'm happy that he's so excited, I am going to miss his smiling face each morning before he heads to work.  Perhaps I'll find some solace painting in the snow.  I hope it stays for days, I'm going to need a LOT of solace. Painting number 4015 in 4015 days. 

Thursday, January 4, 2024

Moon Beam

I LOVE living in the country where wildlife abounds. Any moment could be an opportunity to paint, and this little squirrel caught my attention today!  We have both red and gray squirrels who are constantly picking up acorns and walnuts around here. This one is a gray, allowing me to choose an ink of a matching color to use - Moon Beam. The ink gets pretty dark in heavy applications, and there is a delightful teal shimmer, too.  Another of the Inkvent 2023 selections, this one is matte with no sheen or chroma really. It's fun to try these inks on miniature wildlife paintings - and challenging at this size!  Painting number 4014 in 4014 days. 

Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Frost Deer

This buck emerged from the frosty fog this morning, visiting until I headed to the gym.  It's hard to leave when the wildlife is near!  Pen and ink with Lavender Frost, from the Diamine Inkvent Calendar, using one of my glass dip pens for the dual work. We have deer visit almost daily, and it is helping me practice on their forms.  This beauty was alone today, and he stood proudly in that frosty landscape.  I do love capturing these little moments of life here on the farm.  There is a wonderful shimmer to this ink, though it doesn't seem to get very dark.  Perhaps I need to apply a thicker coat next time to see what it can do.  Painting number 4013 in 4013 days. 

Tuesday, January 2, 2024


I love getting to paint a beloved pet portrait, to be cherished when they are no longer at one's side.  This sweetheart is striking a signature pose on this canvas, and was given as a Christmas gift.  I have lately painted a few of these in acrylic, after a pretty long separation from this media.  I do like it's layering and crisp lines, and the almost instant dry time is a big bonus.  I use a dry brush technique, never wetting those brushes until I am washing them out. Heavy body paint gives me strong pigment, even in the lightest areas.  I hope this painting will be cherished for many years to come. 

Monday, January 1, 2024

Astral Deer

Tonight, as the whole family played games, these two deer came for a visit outside our windows.  I'm sketching them with Astral black ink with it's lovely green shimmer.  I am very particular about my black inks, only the darkest, richest, and most velvety make the cut.  This ink has all of that AND a gorgeous green shimmer that sparkles in the light of the darkest areas.  I could totally try this one on a broader level, perhaps in it's own fountain pen.  I do wonder if that shimmer would clog up the works at some point.  I am very demanding of my pens - i want to pick them up and have them work perfectly no matter how long I've left them in a sketch bag.  I guess time will only tell with this one, but i will look for it is a bigger size for sure! This first painting of the year kicks off 11 years of daily painting, and is my 4011th painting in 4011 days. Happy New Year!  ❤️