Sunday, April 30, 2023

Morning at Montelle

It is a pleasure to paint such a beautiful vista, from the overlook at Montelle Winery, lined up with many of my artists friends.  We were welcomed with breakfast and sunshine - so the painting practically painted itself!  This place is stunning in all directions, and I'm so happy this painting has a new home, too.  Painting number 3765 in 3765 days. 

Saturday, April 29, 2023

Springtime in Defiance


I have wanted to paint this tree for years - and this is the first time I've been in Defiance when it is in full bloom!  Seizing the day, it was my first painting in town.  I love having the opportunity to really study the colors and values in that tree. It's amazing how much the extra focus helps strengthen my skills.  Come see this and all of my paintings at the Augusta Plein Air Art Festival Saturday April 29, noon to 5, on Walnut Street in Augusta.  Painting number 3764 in 3764 days. 

Friday, April 28, 2023

Defiance Bend


What fun it was to paint downtown Defiance!  Come see this painting in person at the Augusta Plein Air Art Festival sale on Saturday from noon to 5:00! ❤️🎨

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Springtime in Defiance

 I just couldn't resist the light on the foliage and house!  This is the Defiance post office, adorned in it's spring beauty.  I wonder if I can find more blooming trees to paint tomorrow?  Painting number 3762 in 3762 days. 

Leading to the Bridge

I loved this peaceful afternoon, painting along a creek at the Daniel Boone Homestead in Defiance, Missouri.  This place has so many wonderful places to paint - I settled on three almost immediate!  Without scouting further than the side entry, I went back for my gear to set up.  It was fun to visit with the students that were on site to watch the artists work - and I hope they come back with their supplies to paint!  I'm happy this painting has a new home, too!  Painting number 3761 in 3761 days. 

Monday, April 24, 2023

Mount Pleasant Afternoon


I am so honored to receive an Honorable Mention in the Premiere Artist's Paintout in the Augusta Plein Air Art Festival!!  After reading the clock to get this morning's Walnut Street painting finished and turned in on time, I ran into the same thing with this painting!  I am studying my subjects and honing my skills,, and I am taking more time with track painting.  I'm producing less art, but that art is fine tuned! Thanks to judge Brian Haynes for the mention and to Mount Pleasant Winery for a wonderful Artist Dinner!! Painting number 3760 in 3760 days. 

Sunday, April 23, 2023

Bliss on the Water


What a treat to paint along the water this afternoon, enjoying wine and the warm sun!! I think this is life as it should be!  Painting number 3759 in 3759 days.  

Saturday, April 22, 2023

Spring at the Boat Launch

 It was worth braving the cold wind for this view! I'm happy this painting has a new home tonight!  Painting number 3758 in 3758 days. 

Friday, April 21, 2023

Old Barn on the Bottoms

I've driven by this old barn on the bottom land between Augusta and Defiance many times through the years, always with a longing to paint it.  Today, I noticed the west end of the barn has dropped off, and I know it won't be standing much longer.  So, I turned around, and went back out to paint it before my next event.  The light was glorious as it popped out from behind clouds, and the whole landscape sings with spring!  This painting is now hanging at the pop-up gallery at Harmonie Verein in Augusta,. Missouri. Painting number 3756 in 3756 days. 

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Atop the Hill

What an honor to win tonight's paint out at Lake Creek Winery!  It was a battle with those gusting winds - but boy am I happy I kept on painting! Wish a great way to start Augusta Plein Air!  Painting number 3755 in 3755 days. 

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Mini Dafs


I love painting these last daffodils as much as the first!  I wish spring would last all year!  This has been an amazing year for them, and I now have only a couple late varieties left.  I had more grandbaby time today with Quinn, Casper and Kirby, and Mike joined me, too.  It's great to squeeze in a miniature before meeting more family for a TSA celebration dinner!  Painting number 3754 in 3754 days. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2023



After a fun day planting flowers with Gus, and playing outdoors with Michaela, Casper and Kirby, I find a little time to honor these beautiful blooms.  My old-fashioned lilacs are blooming - and I just HAD to paint them before heading inside!  Planted by my grandmother many years ago, I wonder if she ever dreamed I would one day be painting them each spring?  I remember her picking the fragrant blooms and bringing them into the house, where the rooms filled with their sweet aroma.  I was quite young, but I have such clear memories of the light on the blooms, and sticking my nose right into the flowers and inhaling deeply!  I'm so happy to paint these and relive sweet memories of days gone by.  Painting number 3753 in 3753 days. 

Sunday, April 16, 2023

Tulip Tree Blooms

This tulip tree was a Mother's day gift years ago - and I LOVE painting it each spring as it grows and bursts with blooms!  I started with an ink sketch with an extra fine nib - rare for me, but I'm learning to add it to the mix.  More often than not, I am using a medium or even a broad nib, for my ink work.  Next, I added watercolor to the masses.  I realized today that I haven't used my gouache set in a while, so I even added a little gouache for extra chroma.  It is relatively new to me, and I had forgotten about it for months.  Well, it is now back in rotation for the spring!  Painting number 3751 in 3751 days. 

Saturday, April 15, 2023

North of the Pier


It's SUPER fun to explore a new handmade paper from the pier at St Augustine Beach! Like every large body of water, the Atlantic Ocean is ever changing!  Light, color, and value shift with the light, clouds and the angle of the sun. Rarely does the ocean painting match up to the seascape at painting's end.  It is key not to chase the light, so I mark all passages quickly at the beginning,  and keep true to that through the finish.  I am focusing on the shifting waves, and how to describe that with watercolor here.  In addition to pushing this new softer, thinner paper, to see what it can do, I'm figuring out all that motion in the masses.  I have even used a scalpel to scratch into the waves, adding to the highlights and motion.  The ocean tide is mesmerizing, and the more I study it - the more I understand it.  All this beach time in the last months has strengthened my seascape game, and I can hardly wait for the next opportunity!  Painting number 3750 in 3750 days. 

Friday, April 14, 2023

Pink Rembrandt Tulip

Oh, how I love painting these Rembrandt tulips - especially on such a gorgeous spring day!  I started this day watching an amazing sunrise, followed by a morning with grandbabies, a birthday lunch with artist friends, plenty of framing and bagging, and some time with grandsons before I ever found a moment to paint.  Soon followed a glorious sunset, which I took a few moments to enjoy before I got back to work.  It was such a busy day, but above all I have so very much to be thankful for.  Painting number 3749 in 3749 days. 

Thursday, April 13, 2023

Rembrandt Tulip


Oh, how I love painting those first tulips of spring!  Each fall, I find special varieties to add to my gardens, and with a name like Rembrandt - how could I resist?  Each one is a different color, all striped as with a paintbrush!  Spending long days in my flower beds, it feels good to relax for a quick paint of this little gem. I think I'll add sunrises and sunsets to my daily time spent outdoors, I sure did love that on Anastasia Island.  What better way to start and finish the day?  Painting number 3748 in 3748 days. 

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

In the Greenhouse


There is nothing like a rainy day for painting in a greenhouse!  Chased inside by the lightning and thunder overhead, the heavy downpour was delightful as it hit the nursery roof.  One by one, my artist friends left, and I was the last one on site as I finished this second painting.  Mom and I chose some gorgeous, very wet, snapdragons to take home afterwards.  I do love the floral beauty at Rosehill Gardens, and will certainly come back again!  Painting number 3747 in 3747 days. 

Monday, April 10, 2023

Rosehill Gardens

With thunder, lightning and a downpour at my back - I rushed through a quick paint at Rosehill Gardens today!  Though I've driven by here many times, this is my first time on site to paint.  The Monday Morning Watercolorists met here for our weekly paint out, and as the thunder increased, the artists started to seek shelter. Not wanting to vacate my spot before I had what i needed - I stayed long enough to get rained on!  I love the thrill of racing the weather to capture the moment!  And the storm didn't prevent me from taking home some beautiful old fashioned snapdragons for my beds! What a gorgeous place!  Painting number 3746 in 3746 days. 

Saturday, April 8, 2023

Beach Walk

Flying with only a carry-on bag, I am using minimal painting gear in St Augustine.  Prima's Classic half pan travel set, a water brush pen, a favorite fountain pen, and a small clipboard with 6x4 papers are small enough to fit in any bag.  This makes a quick paint easy, so I can get right back to family fun time!  Painting number 3744 in 3744 days. 

Friday, April 7, 2023

Sunrise on Anastasia Island

I love beginning each morning with a sunrise paint on the beach, followed by a run!  The colors change so quickly that I want to paint another when the colors fade to morning light!  The thrill here is sitting at water's edge, studying the ebb and flow of the surf as it crashes and breaks.  The gulf side is much calmer, so this is my first real painting experience with a lively surf.  Each day, I've grown more comfortable with the colors in that movement, and how the light dances and reflects of the water.  I'm looking forward to more study with this gorgeous Atlantic, though I don't know when that will be.  I'm going to miss these days of sand and sun on Anastasia Island.  Painting number 3743 in 3743 days. 

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Ocean Villa Palm

It is fun to get in a quick palm study before heading back to the beach for sunset!  We've been so busy seeing the sights, it's been hard to squeeze in a painting between the family fun.  With the small set up, and different light and color on this side of the state, I've been slow to hit my stride this week.  I need a little more time to focus on this landscape, before making it mine.  Hope to find that time tomorrow!  I do love that it feels like summer on Anastasia Island! Painting number 3741 in 3741 days. 

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

St Augustine Dunes and Pier

We arose early, to watch the sunrise over the Atlantic.  After an early 5k run to the pier and back, I grabbed my gear for a quick paint.  The dunes are tall near the pier, and more dramatic, so I walked a good bit towards our before setting up.  A couple of fire ants found my toes in the sand, so I moved much closer to the water.  It is SO refreshing when those waves lap up over my feet!  I could get used to this! What an amazing way to start the day!  ♥️🎨

Monday, April 3, 2023

St Augustine Beach

I absolutely LOVE painting to the music of crashing waves - and the Atlantic Ocean is providing the beauty!  After a morning family run along this beach, I return with my pochade for some painting while the family plays in the water.  What a wonderful way to start the week! Painting number 3739 in 3739 days.  ❤️