Saturday, April 15, 2023

North of the Pier


It's SUPER fun to explore a new handmade paper from the pier at St Augustine Beach! Like every large body of water, the Atlantic Ocean is ever changing!  Light, color, and value shift with the light, clouds and the angle of the sun. Rarely does the ocean painting match up to the seascape at painting's end.  It is key not to chase the light, so I mark all passages quickly at the beginning,  and keep true to that through the finish.  I am focusing on the shifting waves, and how to describe that with watercolor here.  In addition to pushing this new softer, thinner paper, to see what it can do, I'm figuring out all that motion in the masses.  I have even used a scalpel to scratch into the waves, adding to the highlights and motion.  The ocean tide is mesmerizing, and the more I study it - the more I understand it.  All this beach time in the last months has strengthened my seascape game, and I can hardly wait for the next opportunity!  Painting number 3750 in 3750 days. 

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