Monday, January 1, 2024

Astral Deer

Tonight, as the whole family played games, these two deer came for a visit outside our windows.  I'm sketching them with Astral black ink with it's lovely green shimmer.  I am very particular about my black inks, only the darkest, richest, and most velvety make the cut.  This ink has all of that AND a gorgeous green shimmer that sparkles in the light of the darkest areas.  I could totally try this one on a broader level, perhaps in it's own fountain pen.  I do wonder if that shimmer would clog up the works at some point.  I am very demanding of my pens - i want to pick them up and have them work perfectly no matter how long I've left them in a sketch bag.  I guess time will only tell with this one, but i will look for it is a bigger size for sure! This first painting of the year kicks off 11 years of daily painting, and is my 4011th painting in 4011 days. Happy New Year!  ❤️ 

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