Saturday, March 27, 2021


Today is my 3000th painting in 3000 days - how time flies! I never would have dreamed that over 8 years ago, a 30 day painting challenge would lead me here.  I've grown so much as an artist, no longer daunted by any subject I may tackle. My love for the painting process has grown strong for many mediums, switching from one to another with ease. Painting every day has enriched my life in so many ways.  A true life line during covid lockdown, I could escape it all in the rural landscape right outside my door.  A crutch to cling to, painting daily helped me through the illnesses and passing of my Dad, and still helps prop me up on the difficult days.  An outlet of joy, I have found expression in my love of the wonders found on this earth, both natural and man-made.  Who knows where it will take me next - but I am so very thankful I started the journey.  Painting number 3000 in 3000 days. 

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