Thursday, March 22, 2018

Bucket of Tulips

Art Mob day at the Mission Antique Mall found me trying a new medium!  When I arrived home from painting yesterday, this beautiful antique tin "palette" was waiting for me!  I love how something with vintage charm can be repurposed to a unique paint palette!  Right down my alley!  I bought it from a sweet little shop -  I filled mine with GOUACHE from a fancy pants set I've almost never used - and jumped right in when I arrived in site.  I painted two ATCs and this is 6x6.  I started with ink drawings, moving to gouache.  I worked pretty wet, though I know I can get more "full strength" with this medium.  I liked the way it moved today, very like watercolor.  I am going to enjoy experimenting with gouache!  Painting number 1889 in 1889 days.

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